Top Ten: Modern Wood Bathroom Vanities

While getting simple cabinets put in by a referral from your plumber might seem more convenient than buying a vanity separately, you’ve been fooled. These days buying even a gorgeous modern, wooden bathroom sink cabinet is as easy as the click of a button or a phone call. During this week’s Top Ten list of the best Modern Wood Bathroom Vanities out there we’ll have a look at sizing, finish type, and the greening effect of recycled goods finding a sense of repurpose.

Top Ten: Modern Wood Bathroom Vanities.

Clean Lines and Wooden Construction: Warmth Exudes Out of the Best Modern Wood Bathroom Vanities

Top Ten: Modern Wood Bathroom Vanities.

1. Essence
PRICE: $995
Dimensions: 24″W or 30″W

Featured here in a Striped Ebony (but also available in Dark Walnut), the Essence vanity is made by manufacturer, Xylem. Its minimalist design can easily fit into a quaint bathroom with its small 24″ or 30″ wide footprint. Without cabinet storage, the Essence’s open structure lends itself to orderly stacks of towels, toilet paper, and decorative plants or flowers.

Top Ten: Modern Wood Bathroom Vanities.

2. Dune Set ND2
MANUFACTURER: Iotti by Nameek’s
PRICE: $6,600
Dimensions: 41-3/10″W x 19-3/5″D x 21-2/5″H

In an entire bathroom set, the Dune Set ND2 includes a wall-mounted vanity, a fitted marmorite sink, and a bathroom mirror with lamp. The two-door vanity itself is an Italian-made furnishing that is available in Wenge (shown), Glossy White, or Natural Oak.

Top Ten: Modern Wood Bathroom Vanities.

3. Le Acque
MANUFACTURER: Toscoquattro
PRICE: Available upon request
Dimensions: 27-1/2″W, 43-1/3″W or 55″W

Innovation meets playful contemporary in the Le Acque vanity by Toscoquattro that showcases a Cristalplant sink trumping the clean lines of the cabinet door below. In three different widths, this Toscoquattro creation is destined for the modern design (or large circular sink) enthusiast in us all.

Top Ten: Modern Wood Bathroom Vanities.

4. Largo
PRICE: $2,132
Dimensions: 59″W x 19.75″D x 21.5″H

Of the Senza Collection, the Fresca modern bathroom vanity known as Largo features this single or double wall-mounted vanity made with Teak wood. Its long and elegant lines are coupled with a robust wood finish with optional side cabinets and soft closing doors.

Top Ten: Modern Wood Bathroom Vanities.

5. 2nd Floor
PRICE: $942+
Dimensions: 34-5/8″H x 14-15/16″W x 11-1/2″D

Seen here in the cherry décor finish, the 2nd Floor vanity comes with a range of other furniture itemas to match, by Duravit. Also available in larger sizes and in woods like Ebony, Bleached Oak and Rosewood, the crisp look of the 2nd Floor maintains both hidden and exposed storage in its small size.

Top Ten: Modern Wood Bathroom Vanities.

6. Doll Noce
PRICE: Available upon request
Dimensions: n/a

Almost indulgent in warmth and fashion, the Doll Noce vanity by Ypsilon uses intricate details – like spindly legs and half-circle pulls – to bring out its “grounded” feel. While the Patch vanity is almost always seen attached to the Doll Noce, the two vanities share little in common apart from the Ypsilon manufacturing.

Top Ten: Modern Wood Bathroom Vanities.

7. 4Bath
PRICE: Available upon request
Dimensions: n/a

Stemming from Canadian roots, ReOrient creates environmentally conscious, teak wood furniture using 100% reclaimed pieces. Certified by SmartWood with an FSC label, the vanities and other furnishings are created by hand to meet the highest quality standards.

Top Ten: Modern Wood Bathroom Vanities.

8. Clermont
PRICE: $459+
Dimensions: 24″L x 21-1/2″W x 33-1/2″H

Kohler uses ailanthus solids and quarter sawn ash veneers in building the ultra sleek design of the Clermont vanity. With an overall catalyzed polyurethane finish and adjustable door hinges, its an easy install with a look that lends itself to the traditional side of any minimalist or modern interior.

Top Ten: Modern Wood Bathroom Vanities.

9. Gaia
PRICE: Available upon request
Dimensions: n/a

After boasting about their zero-waste manufacturing, Bazzeo might as well brag about their Gaia vanity that – like all of their other products – use 100% recycled and recyclable materials. The wood accents in the sink cabinet twist and flow across the front its surface creating a zen-like custom appearance in any bathroom space.

Top Ten: Modern Wood Bathroom Vanities.

10. M Collection
DESIGNER: Joël Dupras
PRICE: $1,256+
Dimensions: n/a

“Total relaxation is only possible within a minimalist environment,” says WetStyle of their M Collection that includes a fabulous, wall-mounted vanity. Available in many sizes to fit your space, the customized way of designing your bathroom comes with hidden handles and integrated lighting under your bathroom sink.

Hope you enjoyed our roundup of the Top Ten Modern Wood Bathroom Vanities!

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