The 4-Legged Chair by Vanerum Stelter

If I could re-live my childhood in any era I wished, I’d be torn between the present time and the 1960s—not because of the latter era’s profusion of avocado colored ovens and deep orange shag rugs, but because that decade saw the influence of Case Study House and the Eames into childhood education. Wouldn’t you know that 2012 has shown something similar? Just look to Vanerum Stelter’s Soliwood 4-Legged Chair.

Soliwood 4-Legged Chair. Manufactured by Vanerum Stelter.

The Soliwood 4-Legged Chair by Vanerum Stelter Makes a Stylish Addition to any Classroom

The conundrum alluded to above has origins in the 4-Legged Chair’s beautiful bentwood construction, a hallmark of the Soliwood Line. And therein lies the connection between the work of the Eames and this particular 4-Legged Chair, for both display the smooth contours and unmistakably-beautiful finish of veneered bentwood.

Soliwood 4-Legged Chair. Manufactured by Vanerum Stelter.

Personally, I find the above enough of a selling point, especially considering the 4-Legged’s multiple finish options, which run the gamut from a comely cherry to a rich walnut. But for those who need more convincing there’s the singular innovation of Soliwood, “a natural product in which many layers of wood veneers have been impregnated with synthetic resin and pressed into a mould under high heat and extreme pres­sure.”

Soliwood 4-Legged Chair. Manufactured by Vanerum Stelter.

The resultant material is recyclable, flame-retardant, scratch- and impact-resistant, impressively durable, and able to withstand both chemical spills and the ravages of weather. Not that anyone would intentionally leave the Soliwood 4-Legged Chair out in the rain—or soaking in acid for that matter—but you never know what classroom hazards are in store. The Soliwood 4-Legged will mount a formidable defense against them all.

About the Manufacturer: About the Manufacturer: And here I thought that Michigan was just ground zero for domestic contract wares… As it turns out, the state shaped like an oven mitt also knows a thing or two about furniture for education. Proclaiming to “Raise the bar for dynamic movement,” Grand Rapids manufacturer Vanerum Stelter designs and creates seating, tables, and desks, as well as modules for filing, storage, and display. All of these reflect a deep understanding of how students and teachers interact on a daily basis: “our ultimate goal is simple: to make the places where people study, present, communicate, teach and learn, as appealing, productive and healthy as possible.”

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