Pinwheel Privacy: Gee Modular Quad by Agati

Start with a good base and you can do almost anything. Like a solid foundation, one functional and handsome element necessarily leads to excellent compounds. When put together well, a basic unit only increases in beauty if it’s multiplied in number. This is the case with Gee, a lounge chair by Agati. Intended for the educational market, Gee becomes particularly alluring and appropriate when used as a modular quad.

Gee Modular Quad. Manufactured by Agati.

Lounge Seating Maximizes Student Space

Gee Modular Quad. Manufactured by Agati.

The Gee lounge becomes a haven of privacy once it’s quadrupled, transforming “into innovative group seating with its pinwheel arrangement.” This pod begins with one chair, each of which is tailored and stylish—simple lines perched atop steel metal legs. Arranged in a quad formation, Gee creates group seating that offers privacy and luxury.

Gee Modular Quad. Manufactured by Agati.

With side panels or back panels, the four-person seating system is as cozy as a library carrel. With or without arms, equipped with a tablet arm or not, the Gee modular quad offers a personal niche that appeals to people intuitively—it’s the human equivalent of a dog’s denning instinct. The quad group also gives everyone that needed elbow room, since the pinwheel arrangement maximizes  individual space.

About the Manufacturer: Agati manufactures furniture for clients in the education, hospitality, healthcare, and corporate markets. The company’s pieces and collections “are tailored to meet the functional, aesthetic, and technological needs” of their diverse clientele. Started by Joe Agati in the 1970s, Agati designed the Agati Petro series, which is now part of the Chicago Historical Society’s permanent collection. Known for their excellent customer service, Agati offers the option to modify their standard furniture “to convey each building’s architectural message.”

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