Out of This World: Moon lamp by Studio Färg & Blanche for Zero

The moon holds a special appeal for humans (for any creature inhabiting the Earth, one might argue). As the only celestial body on which humans have set foot, the moon combines a feeling of mysteriousness with a sense of possibility—though the moon seems to be within reach, it is also beyond our grasp. The sparkling luminescence and floating lightness of the moon is mirrored in Moon Lamp, a pendant light by Studio Färg & Blanche for Zero.

Moon Lamp. Designed by Studio Färg & Blanche.

Super Lustrous Suspension Lamp

Moon Lamp. Designed by Studio Färg & Blanche.

Constructed of reflex fabric, metal, and matte opal acrylic, the scintillating Moon Lamp hangs in the air like your very own astronomical object. The shiny silver suspension lamp reflects light beautifully: “The effect is reminiscent of a captivating hologram.” Available in three sizes, Moon Lamp reflects the moon itself, whose shape shifts as it travels through time, changing phases as the days of the month pass lazily by. Like the actual moon, which has a reflectance similar to coal, Studio Färg & Blanche’s light offers a sparkling, lustrous quality as captivating as a necklace of fire opals.

Moon Lamp. Designed by Studio Färg & Blanche.

For anyone wanting a touch of elegance or drama, the Moon Lamp will captivate you. Like a magnetic attraction, the light and the viewer work together: “The viewer’s curiosity forms an interaction: you move around Moon like a satellite that registers whenever the light hits the surface, when the magic reaches its apogee.”

Via Decoist.

About the Designer: Studio Färg & Blanche is a design studio based in Stockholm, Sweden. Founded by Fredrik Färg and Emma Marga Blanche, the studio creates commercial furniture, lighting, accessories, and branding.

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