Napping Bliss: The sleepToo Sofa by Wieland

Another one of those dream jobs that no one seems to have but all of us want – in the same arena as being a professional taste tester or a travel critic – might be someone who tests out sleeper sofas and mattresses for comfort. Like taking naps, but for a salary. Although I’m not exactly sure someone has this job without loads of boring paperwork to do afterward, but I’d be down to nap on the new sleepToo sofa by Wieland for a minimal amount.

sleepToo sofa. Manufactured by Wieland.

Versatile and Modern: The sleepToo Healthcare Sleeper Sofa by Wieland

With a classic aesthetic to match its integrated table design, the simple lines used to construct the 72″ sleepToo sofa appear more straightforward than its innovative morphing from sofa to bed would suggest. For starters, the table can be set at three separate heights to perfectly sit inside the sofa’s design. As the sleepToo is placed in healthcare facilities, this function is essential to the versatility and strength of the pull-out sofa’s overall design.

sleepToo sofa. Manufactured by Wieland.

Make infection control a non-issue with a sleeper sofa like the sleepToo since it’s clean out is easy and fast. Additionally, Wieland created it in five lengths – from 74″ to 86″ widths – that will fit into any space as if custom-manufactured. Match the sleepToo into any interior design as well, choosing between wood, metal or what they call a plinth base, and opt for casters (if without the table).

sleepToo sofa. Manufactured by Wieland.

With a 25-year warranty with a 10-year warranty on mechanisms and 2-year warranty on drawer glides, the sleepToo is a durable sleeper sofa made especially for the healthcare industry by Wieland to ensure a high quality, versatile design is available for patient rooms everywhere.

About the Manufacturer: Based out of Grabill, Indiana, Wieland Healthcare is known in the industry for their comprehensive line of sofas and chairs for any imaginable healthcare space. The company includes replaceable or renewable parts and a variety of finishes to ensure every furnishing is not only durable and attractive, but is designed with attention to the fine details – like the table heights and five different sizes of their gorgeous sleepToo sofas available.

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