Yoma Textiles Kicks Off An Inspiring New Year!

The holidays are always the perfect time to get personal again. It’s especially great to run into that old friend who makes you feel at home, with whom the conversation picks up right where you left off. During my holiday travel back east, I ran into my friends at Yoma TextilesNot only did we have a blast catching up, but I also got a chance to see some inspiring products to kickoff off a warm, happy new year!

Ombra by Yoma Textiles.

Ombra by Yoma Textiles.

Raku’s Latest Colorway Additions – Cloud, Marsh and Sable.

There are three products in particular that are suitable for contract, residential and hospitality.  They can be wonderfully paired with many other collections throughout the entire Yoma Textile offering. Ombra, a luminous textured velvet woven, is a subtle beauty that serves as the foundation to an extensive velvet collection already established in the Yoma line of products.  Ombra is a unique resist dye technique that creates a beautiful ombre effect.  Then there’s Raku.  Inspired by the crackle glaze finish on Japanese pottery, it is a simple yet sophisticated pattern that combines both texture and color.  Raku was created to lovingly complement many of the solids and patterns found throughout the entire Yoma collection. As an added bonus, NanoTex® finish is available on Raku making it a perfect solution for the healthcare environment.

Ombra by Yoma Textiles.

Faux Suede Hummingbird.

And, last of this trio is Hummingbird, a follow-up to Yoma’s ever-popular Mockingbird series. Hummingbird is a faux suede that has a stria texture and a neutral palette that works in concert with Yoma’s more decorative fabric offerings. Washable and made with more than 50% recycled polyester content, Hummingbird is perfectly suited for upholstery and wall applications. Like Raku, Hummingbird is also available with the NanoTex® finish.

So, if you haven’t done so already, get in touch with your old friends, and start the year off with warmth and the details that keep you inspired! Happy New Year!

About the Manufacturer: For over 25 years Yoma Textiles has indulged their mutual passion for beautiful woven textiles. With creativity, expertise and thoughtful attention to every detail, Yoma Textiles designs an integrated textile collection that provides clients with harmony and beauty. Yoma Textiles combines sumptuous texture with a distinctive color palette to create an enduring collection that tailors every new pattern and colorway to complement an existing symmetry. Project versatility and aesthetic scope allows Yoma Textiles to provide residential and contract clients with the highest quality of textiles along with a style that suits their personal and professional needs.

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