Thomas O’Brien and Aero Studios for Safavieh Rugs

If you are not familiar with the design world, but like to decorate, you may recognize the Thomas O’Brien name from the Target home collections. What you may not know is that Thomas O’Brien is a respected interior and home furnishings designer, who also serves as founder and president of Aero Studios, a multi-disciplinary design firm. Aero Ltd is the home boutique that is the extension of Aero Studios. Considering the level of design intelligence Thomas O’Brien offers through his design studio, it is no wonder Architectural Digest chose Aero Studios as one of the AD Top 100 in the January 2012 issue.

Batik Chocolate Cream Rug by Thomas O’Brien for Safavieh.

Batik Chocolate Cream Rug by Thomas O'Brien for Safavieh.

Thomas O’Brien.

But why did a prestigious publication such as Architectural Digest choose Aero Studios as one of the top talents? Thomas O’Brien and ninety nine other deserving firms and individuals are rule breakers, boundary pushers, and standard holders.

A visionary with an appreciation for tradition.

When designing a space, you have to consider all sides from floor to ceiling. Every angle has an opportunity for a fresh take on design.

Batik Chocolate Cream Rug by Thomas O'Brien for Safavieh.

Martine Flax Rug.

A collection that got me excited are the pieces he designed for carpet merchant Safavieh, and are also available through Aero. Debuted in 2006, the fine rugs are hand knotted and produced exclusively in Nepal from the finest Tibetan wool and silk.

Batik Chocolate Cream Rug by Thomas O'Brien for Safavieh.

Sasha Indigo Sand Rug.

These rugs have beautiful earthy tones, featuring reds, browns, greens, yellows, and splashes of blues.

Batik Chocolate Cream Rug by Thomas O'Brien for Safavieh.

Corsaro Ocean Rug.

Among the 69 listed on the Aero website, there is a wide range of patterns, which include floral and geometric designs. The solids are not flat; They have a subtle pattern to add depth. The luxurious rugs have a vintage feel, which is common in O’Brien’s influences.

About the Manufacturer: Thomas O’Brien is a designer and collector based in New York City, who is highly respected in the industry. He has gained favorable press for his residential and commercial interiors for high profile clients. He is the owner and founder of Aero studios, and Aero Ltd. O’Brien says, “I like practical and useful things as well as fine and rare things…”

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