The Aleria Mid Sideboard by Teva Living

Mere feet from where I stand now, the planks of a re-purposed bowling alley have found a second life as an olympic weight lifting platform. Though this bit of information might strike readers of a design blog as a bit of a non sequitur, it’s quite apropos, I assure you, especially in light of the inventive Aleria Mid Sideboard by manufacturer Teva Living.

Aleria Mid Sideboard. Manufactured by Teva Living.

Teva Living’s Aleria Mid Sideboard Turns Salvaged Scrap Into a Masterwork of Rustic Furniture

While the aforementioned bowling alley planks exude functionality in spades, they don’t quite match the aesthetic charm of the Aleria Mid Sideboard. The piece is an old world charmer. Inspired by storied techniques of fine Belgian wooden craftsmanship, the sideboard features an array of solid pine timbers—the youngest of which is no less than 50 years old.

Aleria Mid Sideboard. Manufactured by Teva Living.

Nor is Teva Living content to merely fell the old buildings from whence these raw materials come. To the contrary, the structures are painstakingly dismantled; the usable materials salvaged; and the timbers hand shaped and sanded into the charming incarnation you see before you.

Aleria Mid Sideboard. Manufactured by Teva Living.

And the artisans with Teva Living also know how to let well enough alone. Perceiving that the beauty of these timbers is inherent in the rough wood, they leave these rough hewn timbers unfinished, thus preserving the story they tell—of a former life as a structural lynchpin and a current evolution into a functional and beautiful furnishing.

About the Manufacturer: Irvine, California-based Teva Living belies the truth of their physical location to create a product line much in the spirit of Old World Europe. Using primarily salvaged and reclaimed materials, the company offers a line of seating, sideboards, tables, desks, and shelving. All of these look and feel contemporary, while also evoking the timeless appeal of a sunny French country kitchen: “The look is fresh, comfortable and unpretentious, with the feeling of integrity and authenticity.”

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