Stretch Out or Collapse: The BE Light by Qis Design

Like the Bose Soundlink speaker and my laptop, a desk can be opened up in the morning with high quality treble and bass with the latest tech gadgets. Why then do we put up with work lamps that don’t fit into our world of modern technology? Until spotting the task lamp known as the BE Light by Qis Design, this thought honestly hadn’t crossed my mind.

BE Light. Designed by Qis Design.

Make Your Desk Space Efficient and Modern with the Foldable BE Light by QisDesign

The BE Light is what Qis Design explains is “an LED desk lamp that folds and sports a unique articulated design”. Using a hinge that opens up to a fully extended height of 33.4 cm (or 13.1″) with an angle of up to 135 degrees, the BE Light find itself in a resting position that takes up only a 1.8 cm (0.3″) height. With this minimal desk footage requirement, it’s extendable arm and overall rectangular shape is a high tech addition to any work surface.

BE Light. Designed by Qis Design.

Made using a strong aluminum alloy material, the BE Light maintains a slim profile with a lightweight feel. “As with QisDesign’s other LED lamps, the BE Light also adopts light guide technology to evenly distribute the LED light, eliminating all concerns over glare,” says the BE Light product description, making note of the Taiwanese tech firm’s emphasis on the lighting industry through comparison. Topping it off, the lights metallic finish is designed to match any interior design, drawing in the right amount of attention to match that of your laptop and speaker system.

BE Light. Designed by Qis Design.

When all is said and done, the desk space deserves a task light for driven illumination any time of day that is up to par with its neighboring modern tech devices. With the foldable BE Light by QisDesign, you can keep your desk a clean, organized and efficient workspace every single day.

About the Designer: Since 2009 QisDesign – one part of the mother company, Qisda – has made itself known as an industrial design, graphic design, market research, user interface, mechanical design, computer-aided design and prototype production company. They attempt to stimulate the consumer’s imagination by bringing international, award-winning designs to the table (literally). In fact, QisDesign has won a total of 87 international design awards, including Germany’s iF awards and Red Dot awards and Japan’s G-Mark awards for their lighting and other product designs.

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