Matrix Mosaic: Elemental Aluminum by Soli

The most abundant metal in the Earth’s crust is now finding itself on Earthling walls. That silvery white metal known as aluminum, a member of the Boron group of metals, is great at resisting corrosion, so it’s a good material for bathrooms. California-based company Soli uses aluminum in its Elemental Aluminum metal wall treatments. The collection includes two different models, Fractal and Pixel, both of which interpret technologically-inspired subjects—Morse Code and dot matrix patterns.

Elemental Aluminum metal wall treatments. Manufactured by Soli.

Hip to be Square: 12-Inch Aluminum Wall Treatments

Fractal and Pixel are both 12-inch square panels. Fractal features square and round shapes of different sizes, while Pixel relies strictly on uniform round forms. Both wall treatments come in black and silver. If you’re interested in seeing the aluminum in color, Fractal offers multi, which includes metallic shades of silver, black, bronze, and gold. Pixel is available in red, a rich and lustrous garnet color.

Elemental Aluminum metal wall treatments. Manufactured by Soli.

Soli’s Elemental Aluminum has the appeal of metal—like a shiny coin, bracelet, or sculpture (the Chrysler Building’s eagles come to mind). The wall treatments also have the appeal of texture. Fractal and Pixel seem almost like bas-relief friezes—something futuristic and robotic. These metal tiles look like relics to be decoded, as if the dots and squares hide an aesthetic language all their own.

Elemental Aluminum metal wall treatments. Manufactured by Soli.

Via Interior Design.

About the Manufacturer: Headquartered in Los Angeles, Soli is an industry leader in decorative tile and natural stone. The company designs and produces collections using materials such as ceramic, porcelain, glass, and metal. Their products include wall treatments, tiles, pavers, and cobblestones.

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