Duravit’s New Invisible Shower Enclosure Guarantees More Open Space

I’m a maniac for open floor space. In fact, anyone who knows me might characterize my profound dissatisfaction with clutter as a bit of a personality disorder. Be that as it may, the new Open Space Shower Enclosure, designed by Eoos for Duravit, has broad appeal, even if your penchant for unencumbered spaces isn’t as pronounced as that of yours truly.

Open Space Shower Enclosure. Designed by Eoos. Manufactured by Duravit.

Duravit’s Open Space Shower Enclosure Gives Bathrooms a Clean, Spare Look

One central premise of creating appealing rooms is that the perception of space is just as important—if not more so—than the actual square footage. The notion explains the preponderance of the mirror as a device to increase perceived space. Just so, Duravit’s Open Space Shower Enclosure not only increases perceived space, but actual space as well.

Open Space Shower Enclosure. Designed by Eoos. Manufactured by Duravit.

The concept is ingenious for its simplicity. The shower enclosure is constructed of a brilliant chrome frame that easily installs into the corner of any bathroom. This leaves but two sides to “enclose,” and those are made of either translucent or mirrored glass doors.

This already constitutes a wise use of space, but the functional coup is yet to come: both doors are attached via concealed hinges that allow them to fold-up within the shower: “After taking a shower, they can simply be folded against the wall to create additional space.”

Open Space Shower Enclosure. Designed by Eoos. Manufactured by Duravit.

This presto-chango innovation not only makes for a slick mirrored or transparent feature in the corner of the bathroom, but also a singularly roomy space. Since the shower enclosure is traditionally something of a space hog, doing away with its bulky contours makes any bathroom appear to virtually double in size: “Open Space is merely the projected shadow of the stall on the wall… this creates peace and smoothness in the bathroom.”

About the Manufacturer: One of the world’s foremost manufacturers of fittings for bath, Duravit has parlayed their humble beginnings—back in 1817, as a manufacturer of earthenware in Germany’s Black Forest—to become a leading innovator in the aesthetics and functionality of this always-crucial space. The company routinely partners with iconic designer Philippe Starck, under whose able hand and eye Duravit has recently released the luxurious St Trop Shower Series and the equally sublime Starck K line of kitchen sinks.

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