The Smooth Sleeping Bliss of a Plush Bed by CB2

When we talk about meat, lean is the best. It’s better for us since there is less fat, but some would complain it has less flavor. When we talk about lean designs of furnishings, however, we usually refer to modern, clean profiles that may or may not be better for our feng shui. Thanks to CB2‘s lean design of the Plush Bed, the slim box comes wrapped in a smooth, velvety fabric that’s as luxurious as indulging in a fresh-cut New York Strip steak.

Plush Bed. Manufactured by CB2.

The Velvety Smooth Plush Bed Frame by CB2 Creates an Inviting, Urban Look .

Featuring a recessed mattress, the slim box of a bed frame comes wrapped in a dark grey 100% polyester fabric that stretches perfectly into a velvet box. With an ultra low headboard, the high-density foam cushioning finishes the bed with a softness that goes beyond its exterior upholstery. The slim box of the Plush Bed frame that outlines the mattress itself is made using solid hardwood and low-emission engineered wood, lending itself to small spaces that may not want an exaggerated sleigh bed or tall headboard and footboard.

The Smooth Sleeping Bliss of a Plush Bed by CB2

I love the light gray stitched detail that centers the headboard with finely-tuned style, and the space around the mattress that allows you to cleanly tuck in the duvet cover or comforter of your choosing,. With solid pine legs quietly standing beneath the frame and mattress (not included in the Plush Bed) as well as an easy-t0-clean fabric coating its shell, the CB2 bed frame accomplishes all we could want of a lean yet luxurious bed.

The Smooth Sleeping Bliss of a Plush Bed by CB2

About the Manufacturer: CB2 is a home furnishings store by Crate & Barrel that is geared toward young adults with a more affordable price point and a modern aesthetic. With furnishings, tabletop, bedding, kitchen and decorative items, CB2 features contemporary bed frames like the Plush Bed as well as every other piece to fit into an urban apartment or home.

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