The Refined Offerings Collection by OFS

I've been really into the details lately.  Reading the fine print; noticing the nuance of color in the artwork on my desk; hanging on every word during Breaking Bad. Which is why you can understand why my curiosity piqued when I saw Offerings by OFS.  The distinct signature banding is not only a stunning visual element, but also a detail that is worth talking about.

Offerings. Manufactured by OFS.

It's All In The Details


, a refined casegoods collection, is truly designed specifically for the interior space that is deliberate whether it is the serious high powered corporate environment or the new startup that tells the client they have a modern, alternative approach to building business.  The signature banding only adds to the intention.  It is available on the upper and lower cabinetry and can be used to create a striking contrast or simply a textural blend - a smart way to include detail without taking the focus away from the overall collection.

Offerings. Manufactured by OFS.

Distinct Signature Banding

Let's talk about details.  The signature band wraps the entire unit, which in manufacturing is very difficult to achieve, and unique to the Offerings collection.  Specific machinery is used to create precise tenons (wood inserted into a mortise in another piece of wood, who knew) and miters so that the band meticulously becomes part of the entire casegood.  Build a mod look using contrasting espresso wood and white banding, create a handsome vibe blending wood on wood, or keep it simply classic without the band at all. Any way you slice it, designers will enjoy creating a highly functional workspace with varied elevations of horizontal lines, finishes and the combination of both.

Sometimes the details can drive you crazy. In this case, they have a visual appeal and level of intricacy that makes your space even more interesting.

Offerings. Manufactured by OFS.

About the Manufacturer: Based in Huntingburg, IN, OFS is a leading manufacturer of casegoods, seating and furnishings for a wide range of architectural environments. OFS provides creative and competitive solutions to customers' worldwide interior architecture needs and aspirations.

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