Little Critter Love: The Bottle Lamps by ABYU Lighting

Folks in the design community have been known to gush over small animals before. I’m not making this up. A few years ago at New York City’s ICFF show the lone sky blue Blu Dot squirrel brought along for display was stolen by someone in the trade. Thus, to sate our human need to incorporate rodent-sized decor into contemporary interiors, there’s no better way than with a legitimately purchased critter in the form of a Bottle Lamp designed by Steven Wine of ABYU Lighting.

Crazy Duckling in White. Designed by ABYU Lighting.

As Tiny Critters Become “It” Factors in Interior Design, Enter the Bottle Lamps by ABYU Lighting.

Shop the ABYU (And Bob’s Your Uncle) couture lighting online store (through BNOdesign) and you’ll see seventeen animals looking for a home to illuminate. These miniature bottle lamps are made using upcycled plastic and come in a make believe animal kingdom where the hair stands on end in feathers or spikes and their colorful nature transforms the creatures from fantasy little guys into an a functional table lamp.

Little Critter Love: The Bottle Lamps by ABYU LightingLittle Critter Love: The Bottle Lamps by ABYU Lighting

Purple Share. Designed by ABYU Lighting.

The select 17+ critters shown on the website express themselves in different ways. With ABYU Lighting’s ability to custom create, the fun doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon either. A few from the present collection – namely the Crazy Duckling, Tide Pig, Schnappi duo, and Share trio – come in either different colors or sizes, following similar design schemes. Designed by Steven Wine, the green-friendly upcycling of plastic bottles comes in handy as each body form takes to its rounded but flat shape.

Crazy Duckling in White. Designed by ABYU Lighting.Little Critter Love: The Bottle Lamps by ABYU Lighting

Schnappi Poppa. Designed by ABYU Lighting.

While any of the Bottle Lamps by ABYU Lighting work wonderfully for your kid’s room, their colorful design with glowing function could be the perfect accompaniment to your next interior design project.

About the Designer: ABYU Lighting is a design company that creates illuminating products that are both collection-based and custom-made. Standing for “And Bob’s Your Uncle” that sprung up in 1994, the New York-based design pair, Steven Wine and Michael Landon, have come up with brillantly colored and material-sensitive products for interiors of all kinds. As they say of their unique lighting forms, “our limitless exploration of materials enables our artists to look at lighting with a unique perspective. By combining functionality with creativity, our lighting fixtures are a work of art.”

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