Animavi’s Hang Chair is Sustainable in this Life and Beyond

Hang your worries, hang your hat, just don’t hang the world’s woes at the feet of Animavi’s Hang Chair. Because this Los Angeles-based manufacturer of sustainable furnishings for the new millennium is certainly doing its part to maximize resources and minimize waste and pollution. The creatively contoured Hang Chair is a prime example.

Hang Chair. Designed by Anna-Pia Slothower. Manufactured by Animavi.

The Hang Chair is Designed to Maximize its Life Cycle

The concept of a product’s fate beyond the end of its useful life has recently taken hold among green designers. As more and more manufacturers realize that items which ultimately end up in the waste bin are not truly sustainable, products that can be disassembled and put back to use take on enhanced value.

Just so with Animavi’s Hang Chair. This ergonomically contoured and appealingly adorned piece not only contains a high quantity of post-consumer product, it embodies a tremendous amount of post-life potential: its stainless steel alloy frame (itself containing 80% recycled material), is 100% recyclable.

Hang Chair. Designed by Anna-Pia Slothower. Manufactured by Animavi.

The seat material of the Hang Chair can be put to post-life use as well. All three of the seat options for this indoor/outdoor chair contain materials that are easy to break down (once the chair is ready for retirement) and build up once again—choices include the regionally sourced and recently recycled opaque white ABS; the PETG Co-Polyester Resin, available in opaque or transparent colors; and upholstered top grain eco leather from Greenhides or 100% natural felted Maharam wool.

As comforting as it is to know that the Hang Chair will eventually be absorbed efficiently back into the product stream, it’s even more comforting to sit on it and contemplate that it will certainly outlast its first generation user. Features like UV-protection and textured scratch resistance; scuff-free custom glides with Teflon for ease of movement; and durable 6-point frame and shell connections with custom flush-mounted stainless steel hardware assure long life and reliable performance.

Hang Chair. Designed by Anna-Pia Slothower. Manufactured by Animavi.

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About the Manufacturer: Animavi designs and manufactures indoor/outdoor furniture with contemporary appeal and millennial smarts. This is to say the L.A.-based company observes a pronounced sustainable ethos. Every one of Animavi’s collection of chairs, benches, tables, and room dividers is made with a large quantity of post-consumer product. The line also features eco-resins and non-VOC finishes, sustainably-sourced materials, and a comprehensive cradle-to-cradle methodology. Ever-cognizant of industry improvements with respect to staying green and becoming greener, Animavi continually strives for improvement in all aspects of their environmental awareness: “we are committed to reporting our progress as we set goals for continuous improvements to the way we source materials, design product, reduce waste, and handle end-of-life issues.”

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