Allermuir’s Mollie Collection Turns Bodies as well as Heads

Just after we explored the benefits of a full circle swivel with KI's 360 Degree round Student Desk, manufacturer Allermuir gives us a glimpse into a second application for this enhanced mobility. Designed by John Coleman, the Mollie Collection is stylish contract seating guaranteed to turn the heads of patrons at many a restaurant, bar, or hotel lobby.

Full-Swivel Pedestal Stool. Designed by John Coleman. Manufactured by Allermuir.

Allermuir's Mollie Seating Features a Slim, Sleek, Sculptural Silhouette

The core feature of the collection, which Allermuir describes as "a distinctively stylish cantilevered upholstered backrest, which sweeps around the seat to include the armrests," evokes a perennial favorite from my early days with 3rings-the Sculptural Chair by Martin Ballendat for Rossin.

Full-Swivel Pedestal Stool. Designed by John Coleman. Manufactured by Allermuir.

The latter debuted in 2008 and Mr. Ballendat improved on the concept in 2010. As we approach 2012, Allermuir and Coleman have improved upon it even more. While the Sculptural Chair was a single piece designed for public areas, the Mollie Collection is comprised of four separate chairs, two of which swivel and two of which remain ever so dignified and stationary atop four tubular steel legs.

Full-Swivel Pedestal Stool. Designed by John Coleman. Manufactured by Allermuir.

The swiveling incarnations of Mollie include a high stool and central pedestal armchair. With matching companions in the four legged versions, the quartet creates quite a pretty picture whether assembled round the coat and tail environs of a diplomat's wedding, or lined up in the casual comfort of a corner bar.

Allermuir's Mollie Collection Turns Bodies as well as Heads

All pieces in the Mollie Collection display a remarkably contemporary aesthetic. The chairs feature neatly integrated elements and tight curves-all dressed to impress in Allermuir's wide range of attractive upholstery and quality leathers.

The beech veneer shell seat comes in a clear coat finish or stain, thereby providing users with sufficient aesthetic options to nicely complement any decor: "a versatile design that can enhance a vast array of interior styles, Mollie is ideally suited to hotel and restaurant dining, bars, or in corporate environments for use in breakout areas or meeting rooms."

About the Manufacturer: Allermuir specializes in "furniture primarily for leisure and corporate environments, such as dining areas, cafes, breakout areas, reception areas, public spaces and bars." The company believes in marrying form and function-"good product design with meticulous attention to detail, whilst meeting the functional requirements of the interior." They also make every effort to work with some of the best designers in the U.K. and Europe. Such collaborations have resulted in highly functional and superlatively stylistic product like Zenith by Martin Ballendat and Agitus by Wolfgang Deisig.

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