A Cascade of Poppies: Enyo Wallpaper by Trove

You know you’ve made it big in wallpaper design when every major design publication -  from Interior Design and Metropolis magazines to Apartment Therapy‘s website – have featured your patterns on their pages. But instead of dwelling on the fact that Trove‘s new designs are anxiously awaited by thousands of design fanatics, I think we should have a little look at one of their most sincerely simple wallpapers to get to know the true Trove character: Meet Enyo.

Enyo wallpaper. Designed by Trove.

Trove’s Enyo Wallpaper Creates a Relazing Scene of Poppies Floating on Water.

Like the glistening white ice of an ice skating pond in the dead of winter, the white and gray backdrops of the Enyo wallpaper are light and refreshing. The design of the poppies across its surface appears to be right under the surface, merrily floating along just before the freeze took place. The darker background colors of Enyo create the same effect using the light colored poppies but with a mysterious element of night, or where the ice hasn’t frozen through completely, creating a dangerous effect.

A Cascade of Poppies: Enyo Wallpaper by TroveA Cascade of Poppies: Enyo Wallpaper by Trove

Every piece of Enyo wallpaper comes with a horizontal repeat (or width) of 67 inches and a vertical repeat of 144 inches with the entire roll width measuring 35.5 inches. Designed by Randall Buck and Jee Levin, the Enyo wallpaper was created using a series of individual watercolor prints that were layered on top of one another to create the flowing look of poppies and portray a sense of tranquility.

A Cascade of Poppies: Enyo Wallpaper by Trove

The serene image of floating petals on a light or dark surfaces bring to life the essence of simple and wild living based in the great outdoors.

A Cascade of Poppies: Enyo Wallpaper by Trove
About the Manufacturer: Founded by designers Randall Buck and Jee Levin, Trove is a New York City-based design house of wallpapers, wood veneers and window film. They take modern artwork they create and print it on commercial-grade paper, using high-quality, non-toxic, wax-based coatings and archival inks that are said to last about 140 years. That said, Trove creates glamorous, eco-friendly and completely recyclable products that ground themselves in natural depictions of the environment.

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