Wooden Water Wonder: Laguna Basic by Alegna

While wood is not always a material that people immediately think of when they turn to bath design, it’s an ancient tradition for luxurious bathing. Commonly used in Asia for soaking tubs, wood lends a natural warmth to the ancient art of physical and spiritual cleansing. German company Alegna, which has years of experience in yacht building, recognizes the appeal and functionality of the material. Their Laguna series of wooden bathtubs provides ergonomic design in a beautiful package that is long lasting.

Laguna Basic Bathtub. Manufactured by Alegna.

Rectangular Wooden Bathtub

The smallest in the Laguna series, Laguna Basic is designed for limited spaces. Thanks to its rectangular shape, Laguna Basic is easily integrated into existing bathrooms where it can replace standard bathtubs. And thanks to its modest dimensions, Laguna Basic works perfectly for yacht bathrooms, lofts, and other living quarters with less square footage. Laguna Basic is available in a range of wood finishes, including rich wenge, dark mahogany, warm oak, and classic walnut.

Laguna Basic Bathtub. Manufactured by Alegna.

Laguna Basic, as well as the other styles in the Laguna series, uses a “highly resistant special varnish that has been tested under the hardest conditions.” This finish ensures that the bathtubs will last a long time. Another interesting detail about Laguna Basic is that is has a modular construction; this enables the tub to be “supplied in different forms of execution”—as a Jacuzzi, for example.

About the Manufacturer: Alegna is a German company that manufactures wooden bathtubs. With many years of yacht building experience, Alegna knows how to process high-quality woods and make them last. Designed ergonomically, the handmade wooden bathtubs “offer you—alone or in company—unique bathing pleasure.” Elegant, simple, and comfortable, Alegna soaking tubs highlight the “incomparable warmth” of wood.

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