The Color Coated Glass Switchplates by Bendheim

We’ve gotten so used to turning our cheek to the non-design that houses our utilities that seeing white plastic socket covers in the best of interiors around the world seem like no big deal. Thanks to the recent addition of Color Coated Glass switch plates by Bendheim however, those of us who have witnessed the spectacle of great electrical design may never go back.

Color Coated Glass switch plates. Manufactured by Bendheim.

Match Your Glass Wall Cladding and Backsplashes to the Color Coated Glass Switch Plates by Bendheim.

The Color Coated Glass switch plates by Bendheim can perfectly match any challenging color of back-painted glass wall claddings and backsplashes. Choose from an entire spectrum of colors that include Pantone and paint manufacturer color chips, prints, fabric designs and even metallic hues. By enhancing the solid color of its background with a small switchplate wherever necessary, there is no break in design from one side of the room to the other.

Color Coated Glass switch plates. Manufactured by Bendheim.

Using durable and environmentally-friendly finishes, the 3/8″ thick low-iron glass switch plates come with in high gloss and polished edges for a luxurious match to glass walls (that Bendheim recommends you order alongside the switch plates to minimize lead times). With three stock profiles available and fifteen more by special order, the only questionable criteria is the matching color you choose to seamlessly integrate the utility-driven aesthetic of the switch plates throughout a space.

Instead of figuring utility areas are impossible to work around, set a room up for complete design cohesion with gorgeous Color Coated Glass switch plates by Bendheim and find yourself pleasantly surprised.

About the Manufacturer: Since 1927 Bendheim has supplied the world with specialty glass for all things design and architecture. Whether it is architectural glass, cast glass, tempered glass, etched glass, mouth blown antique glass, art glass / colored glass, Restoration Glass®, Lamberts LINIT channel glass, back painted glass, patterned glass or another, the over 2,000 varieties have been selected from factories around the world with a careful eye to make sure their steadfast reputation is maintained through and through.

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