Taglio Glass Texture by Joel Berman Glass Studios

Every time I visit Vegas, I am in awe of the newest hotel, the most fabulous restaurant or the latest trendsetting club. The places are more over-the-top than ever. Every interior you walk into has out done the one you just left. The visual experience is explosive with products layered in fresh, innovative ways or mixed with new mediums.

Taglio Glass Texture by Joel Berman Glass Studios.

Taglio Glass Texture by Joel Berman Glass Studios.

City Center Latisse, Aria Hotel, Vegas Showcases Taglio.

A Feature Wall of Amazing Visual Proportions

Since Vegas is known for its luxurious, eye-popping finishes, it comes as no surprise that Joel Berman's glass products are all over town. The latest Berman feature is Taglio, spotlighted in the City Center Latisse project, a two-story textured glass water wall located at the Aria Hotel.  Designed by Joel Berman of Joel Berman Glass Studios for WET Design and Sven Van Asche, Vice President of Architecture for MGM, Latisse features Taglio, a kiln-cast glass texture part of Berman's 3D Profile series.  Two layers of Taglio give Latisse an elegant moir© from top to bottom. Water flows down the backside creating not only an amazing visual experience, but allows the visitor to feel as though they are walking under a rippling waterfall. Latisse showcases Taglio, demonstrating that it is the perfect product for water features, partitions, dividers and feature walls.

Taglio Glass Texture by Joel Berman Glass Studios.

Taglio's Uniform. Defined Profile.

Similar to the Profile family of glass textures, Taglio has a sharp, defined pattern and a bold sculptural relief. Its uniform outline gives strength and visual structure to a product we tend to think is delicate.  Taglio is available up to 46" wide x 108" high, and in finishes including transparent, frosted, opaque or sfumato.

No matter what the latest trend, Vegas is perpetually 'eye candy for finishes.' So if you happen to embark on a weekend of debauchery, then before you forget what happens in Vegas, be sure to stop by and see Taglio, front and center at the Aria.

About the Manufacturer: Joel Berman Glass Studios is a world-renowned designer and manufacturer of glass art for the architecture and design community, and offers leading edge solutions and collaboration possibilities to take any glass art project from concept to installation. From its design Studios and manufacturing facilities located in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Joel Berman Glass Studios offers kiln-cast and pressure-formed glass, and related complementary products, crafted to the highest standards and featuring designer textures, colors, hardware and design services.

Posted November 12, 2011 by Catherine Minervini

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