The Z-Stool Line by National Public Seating

Since I never excelled at the hard sciences, I don’t remember much from my junior year Chemistry class (though I did somehow manage to get a B-, many thanks to grading on a curve), but I do remember how I struggled mightily to achieve the least semblance of bodily comfort on those dated, cumbersome lab stools. Thanks to the Z-Stool line by National Public Seating (NPS), present and future students can take ease and focus all their mental energy on those bubbling beakers.

Z-Stool. Manufactured by National Public Seating.

The Z-Stool is Sturdy and Versatile

In designing the Z-Stool, NPS’ principal objective was to fulfill a needed niche. Seeing what I saw way back when—that conventional classroom stools are clumsy and uncomfortable—NPS set out to create a seating solution for labs and art classes that’s durable and sturdy yet quite stylish as well.

Image-conscious kids will accordingly gravitate to Z-Stool. Its tubular steel frame, chrome-plated 12-gauge steel, and U-shaped sled base legs will satisfy budding A&D mavens, while its blow molded polypropylene seat will appeal to those with particular  ergonomic predilections. Nor will Z-Stool elicit any imperious hushing from quiet-loving instructors—the stool’s patented glides are permanently affixed with thermoplastic polyurethane, thus providing silent and easy gliding on any floor.

Z-Stool. Manufactured by National Public Seating.

Z-Stool does not discriminate (as those relics of the 80s did) against those of non-average height. The piece comes in three sizes: 18”, 22”, and 24” high. Other useful features include a welded footrest with a double cross brace for added strength (and an added place to place your weary feet), and a contoured backrest made of the very same blow-molded polypropylene.

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About the Manufacturer: Based out of Clifton, NJ, manufacturer National Public Seating (NPS) creates all manner of educational infrastructure—from stagers and risers, to music chairs and stands, to science lab tables and stools. The company’s latest innovation is its Sitting Green Initiative. An “environmentally responsible, eco-friendly folding chair line,” Sitting Green complies with LEED standards for low VOC emissions and Green Building compliance.

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