The Senator® Nuvo Collection by Nienkämper

While seated for what seems like an eternity during meetings in the company conference room, seating that is pleasing to the eye holds a fraction of importance to the comfort level it provides. But when the combination of chair (and conference table) look and feel great, you'll soon realize they're Nienkämper pieces.

Senator® Nuvo chair with sled base. Manufactured by Nienkämper.

Caster or Sled Bases Equip the Senator® Nuvo Collection by Niemkämper with True Style and Padded Comfort.

Taking "timeless design and comfort to a new level", the Senator® Nuvo Collection by Nienkämper affords no time for seated frustration in their new lounge chair collection. Designed for the conference room and meeting spaces - as if perfectly partnering with the Vox conference table from my recent write-up on the Top Ten: Techy Conference Tables - the Nuvo chairs come with versatile design options to meet the needs of set-ups in other areas of the office also, like in executive offices or spacious work areas.

The Senator® Nuvo Collection by Nienkämper

Senator® Nuvo chair with caster base. Manufactured by Nienkämper.

Beside their obvious modern profile with thin, polished aluminum and padded leather or fabric upholstery, the Senator® Nuvo chairs also come with plenty of specifications to custom create your office design that include: pneumatic height adjustment, back tilt locking and tension control, a five-star base of carpet casters (or optional hard floor casters) or a sled base, and optional glides.

Senator® Nuvo chair. Manufactured by Nienkämper.

Senator® Nuvo chairs with sled base. Manufactured by Nienkämper.

Pair the Nienkämper collection of Senator® Nuvo chairs together for the utmost in comfortable lounge seating in conference rooms,waiting rooms, or individual offices for a contemporary contract seating option that is built to last in the finish and base of your dreams.

About the Manufacturer: Based in Toronto, Ontario since 1968, the simple idea of functional, beautiful office design drives home the Nienkämper design philosophy. "Our design philosophy insists that clients' needs are distilled to their essence; energy is conserved; and unnecessary waste is eliminated," is a line they use to develop every single piece of furniture - whether it is their Vox conference table or Wavelength bench - while paying close attention to the quality and the look that their clients desire.

Posted October 26, 2011 by Sonja Hall

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