The Neil Suspension Lamp by Delightfull

When we think of something being delightful, it usually means a little more than being content. The feeling behind a delightful moment in time catches us off-guard a little, but pleases us to no end. Upon landing onto the Delightfull lighting company’s homepage – a Portuguese company that comes up with colorful lighting designs, like the Neil suspension lamp – I found their name (even with the two l’s) to be nothing short of pleasantly surprising – even as I power through an end-of-the-weekend, Monday morning attitude.

Neil Suspension Lamp. Manufactured by Delightfull.

Eight Round Diffusers Finish the Golden Effect of the Neil Suspension Lamp by Delightfull.

Delightfull wastes no time in uncovering their true passion for brightening the world with a little soul connection on their website, saying “lighting reflects a personality, a frame of mind, strong emotions present in each detail. Working with our own hands we transfer our passion and devotion in everything we make. That’s how masterpieces are born.” Adding to the gamut of stylish lamps and lighting fixtures of all shapes and sizes, Delightfull has just released the eight-armed, round arc Neil lamp that descends from the ceiling.

Neil Suspension Lamp. Manufactured by Delightfull.

Recently shown at London Design Week at the Tramshed, the Delightfull Neil Suspension Lamp uses eight spherical diffusers and a high tech system that makes it possible to light up only four of the eight to create a mood, or for a dim effect. Said to be reminiscent of “the golden years of space exploration in the 1960’s” its retro look is equally as brassy and dark as it is completely versatile. The finish comes in golden bath with a black matte lacquer on each of the 47″ diameter spheres, and its height is fully customizable.

Neil Suspension Lamp. Manufactured by Delightfull.

Inspired by the past with the technology of the future, the Neil Suspension Lamp by Delightfull is the perfect storm of historically delightful and pleasantly inspiring.

About the Manufacturer: With a clear vision that focuses on quality products and craftsmanship, Portuguese lighting company Delightfull enjoys making illuminating fixtures that are unique and fulfilling with a strong presence. They create lamps of all shapes and sizes with an emphasis on the ambiance of a space, the history told within the different products, and the detail that every artisan may put into the products they offer design enthusiasts. As they say,”it’s a know-how culture combining a past heritage of handwork and an attention to emerging needs.”

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