The Magic of Reduction: Unique by Eggersmann

Admittedly, there are some people who do not like seamless kitchens—and this preference may fall along generational lines. For example, my mother-in-law is no fan of kitchen cabinets where she cannot immediately see knobs and pulls. “I don’t know how to open anything,” she complained at a friend’s house. This very smoothness of surface and clarity of line is exactly what other people seek out in kitchen design. If you are of the latter persuasion, then the Unique line by Eggersmann is ideal for you.

Unique kitchen collection. Manufactured by Eggersmann.

Seamless Sleek Stone Surfaces

Unique kitchen collection. Manufactured by Eggersmann.
The idea behind Unique is to get to “the bare essentials in an entirely unpretentious manner.” Eggersmann’s kitchen design offers seamless contours in 18 stone finishes and glacier white Corian. Unique presents cabinet fronts, plinths, channels, worktops, and sinks—all of which are made from the same sleek stone, “designed to create a visually seamless transition between each surface.” A Unique kitchen focuses on strict lines and uninterrupted surfaces, and necessarily rejects ornamentation.

Unique kitchen collection. Manufactured by Eggersmann.

A new installation in Eggersmann’s New York showroom in the Architects & Designers Building offers an ideal way to explore the aesthetic of the Unique collection. Produced in graphite brown limestone, the showroom island illustrates the “luxury and individuality” of the Unique kitchen. Arranged with a tall wall from Eggersmann’s e:sign collection in fineline anthracite Oak with fineline Grigio frame, you can see how combining different materials and cabinet styles works to create truly inventive kitchens.

About the Manufacturer: Eggersmann has over 100 years experience in kitchen design. Founded in 1908, the company manufactures kitchens that are “unique not uniform.” Eggersmann believes that “every kitchen should be as individual as its owner.” The company offers custom production as opposed to mass production.

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