The Backsplash Kitchen Shelf and Integrated Knife Block by Viola Park

Apparently I’m not the only one who thinks homogeneous kitchen design is all wrong. Mine’s actually more of a pet peeve than a strong belief (using the same towel to wipe the table and dry dishes) but the same idea applies: Viola Park solves what the issue they relate to as a “commonly neglected portion of the kitchen” by introducing a new backsplash shelf and integrated knife block for their modular configurations.

New Backsplash Shelf and Integrated Knife Block. Manufactured by Viola Park.

Incorporate the Convenience of a Backsplash Shelf and Integrated Knife Block into your New Modular Viola Park Kitchen.

Viola Park’s new innovative shelving system will “maximize function and utility” with the use of a 5″ powder-coated steel shelf that stands open at a comfortable distance from your dinner preparation. Place popular ingredients on the shelf and enjoy the ease of a 12-knife holder made using walnut, rift-cut white oak or bamboo woods. Always a fan of incredible sustainability efforts, Viola Park goes above and beyond. In fact, our own Amanda Smith wrote an article on Viola Park for 3rings recently which was based on the company’s dedication to intelligent, eco-friendly design.

New Backsplash Shelf and Integrated Knife Block. Manufactured by Viola Park.

Shown here with plainsawn walnut and a paperstone worksurface, the modular kitchen systems by Viola Park work into a wide range of architectural styles. “Touted for a clean minimalist aesthetic and high functionality, Viola Park produces artisanal grade kitchen systems with smart integrated components,” says Interior Design Magazine, who awarded Viola Park in 2009 with a Interior Design Magazine “Best of Year Award”. More recently, they were just awarded the 2011 Industrial Design Society of America IDEA award. Seen as the premiere manufacturer in modular kitchen design these days, they proudly work under their parent company, Henrybuilt Corporation.

New Backsplash Shelf and Integrated Knife Block. Manufactured by Viola Park.

Integrated Walnut Paperstone and Steel Shelf. Manufactured by Viola Park.

Finding a balance between function and design following a strong intuition, Viola Park understands what kitchens need and want. Then you add the reputation of a Henrybuilt product to the mix along with an award-winning approach and soon those kitchen-based pet peeves will be harder and harder to recall.

About the Manufacturer: Viola Park is a modern American kitchen company that belongs to its parent company, Henrybuilt. Although they claim a stake in modern kitchen design as part of introducing who they are, Viola Park is versatile, finding its elegant design to be traditional, modern, formal and casual, depending on the client’s desires and surroundings.

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