Onda Travel Seating by Aziz Sariyer for Nurus

Waiting areas in airport terminals, train depots, underground subway stations, and other areas are hubs for travel as well as anxiety-provocation. With the help of well-known Turkish designer Aziz Sariyer, say farewell to the idea that repose comes in the form of a hideous, uncomfortable bench, and say hello to the modular travel seating known as Onda by Nurus.

Onda. Designed by Aziz Sariyer. Manufactured by Nurus.

Smooth Contour Waves Create the Modular Onda Seating by Aziz Sariyer for Nurus.

“Onda”, in Spanish, means “wave”. How appropriate to its shape and calming nature for heavily-trafficked zones of travel that they’d choose a stunning light green color to soothe the nerves and offer a continuous, relaxing line or circle that can be manipulated in length and form. On the contract furniture manufacturer’s website, the Onda falls under the category of Travel, although the other categories of Relax, Work, and Organize all seem to apply to its general purpose.

Onda. Designed by Aziz Sariyer. Manufactured by Nurus.

Aziz Sariyer may sound familiar. His work has been largely dedicated to the creation of modular pieces for well-known design companies –  like the Pause and Pause Two designs for Moroso, as well as the Zig Zag by B-Line – but it all began back in 1971 when he incorporated his firm, Derin Design. Recently, he created Sariyer Design and continues to collaborate with big name manufacturers like the previously mentioned, as well as Cappellini, Zeritalia, Sica, Altreforme, etc.

“Onda brings a new form of multiple seating opportunities and with its modular structure, re-shapes the environment we live in,” says Nurus of the ultra-modern piece created for travel settings by a designer who understands the emotional connection between a piece of furniture and its function in a specific location.

About the Designer: Aziz Sariyer is a well-known name in households familiar with international design and its leading influencers. Chosen in 2004 as one of the “100 Designers of the 21st Century”, a book published by Terence Conran Publishing, this honor comes after numerous collaborations with high-end furniture manufacturers as well as a dedication to Turkish companies like Derin, Alparda, Hamam, Park, Step, Haaz Gallery, 888design, Anadolucam, Tibet, Aksigorta, Diageo, Mana Design, Nicol, Delta, Idenova and Nurus.

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