Natura Flannel Inox by Allmilmo

Part of the Design ART Collection by allmilmo, Natura Flannel Inox is real wood kitchen furniture that is horizontally veneered with continuous grain. As the name indicates, the material resembles flannel with its rich gray color and deep complex texture. Manufactured by allmilmo, a company known for high-quality, high-design cabinetry, Natura Flannel Inox gives a new, sleek look to the kitchen. The collection combines the warm, comforting look of flannel with the cool, clean feel of stainless steel (inox is a type of stainless steel).

Natura Flannel Inox kitchen furniture. Manufactured by Allmilmo.

Artful Kitchen Design

Natura Flannel Inox kitchen furniture. Manufactured by Allmilmo.

Allmilmo’s kitchen cabinets feature a front-door opening system with TIP TEC Sensotronic technology, which means the doors open and close easily. With worktops in stainless steel and beams in 13-mm-thick bonded laminate stainless steel, the Natura Flannel Inox kitchen presents the best of both worlds. The continuous wood grain of the cabinets is a warm, complex gray, while the industrial, smooth steel of the countertops is a cool, sleek silver.

Like a rich cup of black tea, Natura Flannel Inox has complex notes. At once sweet and masculine, the materials in allmilmo’s kitchen put together the natural appeal of organic wood grain with the sophistication of polished stainless steel. Complement the Natura Collection with fine appliances such as the 90-mm-wide Miele oven, and you’re sure to take your cooking to a new gastronomical level.

About the Manufacturer: Allmilmo manufactures high-quality kitchen furniture. Their products provide functionality and modern style in “many layout ideas which allow us to implement individual kitchen dreams.” Designed for the demanding customer, allmilmo combines quality craftsmanship with experience and innovation.

Posted October 25, 2011 by Alicita Rodriguez

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