Everything Within Reach: Slat Rack by Wallter

Currently, our mudroom looks as if it’s the site of some natural disaster. Coats that should be hung are strewn about the floor. Outgoing mail is precariously balanced on top of a box. Shopping bags litter the floor. We are in need of a versatile organization system. If only we had the Slat Rack, I’m thinking to myself as I write these very words.

Slat Rack. Manufactured by Wallter.

Tines Turn Coat Rack Into So Much More

Slat Rack. Manufactured by Wallter.

Designed by Linda and Max Geiser, the married founders of Wallter (formerly Fold Bedding), Slat Rack provides great big tines on which to hang and slip virtually anything you need on your way out the door (and conversely, on your way back in). The rack holds purses, backpacks, and bags; coats, jackets, and hats; even mittens, gloves, and scarves, in case you happen to live where you are burdened by the accoutrements necessary to survive cold weather.

Slat Rack. Manufactured by Wallter.

But the Slat Rack does more than offer pegs. Its ingenious design gives you slats (hence the name), perfect little spaces between which you can slip envelopes of outgoing mail, manila folders you need for work, X-rays you intend to deliver to your doctor, or magazines and slim paperbacks you plan to peruse on the train. All that efficiency in a relatively small package—and one that delights the senses with its retro style. The organic, uneven lines that make up Slat Rack remind me of mid-century wallpaper patterns (though, from a certain angle, they also look like an expressionistic picket fence).

Slat Rack. Manufactured by Wallter.

Slat Rack, made of powder-coated steel, is also a homegrown product, since Wallter manufactures all its products in the United States. Get Slat Rack in brown, green, orange, or white—and get organized already!

Via Design Public.

About the Designer: Wallter, formerly Fold Bedding, recently changed its name after expanding its pillow and bedspread line to include wall décor, coat racks, and mobiles. Founded by California College of Arts graduates Linda and Max Geiser, Wallter proudly makes all its products in the USA.

Posted October 3, 2011 by Alicita Rodriguez

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