Atelier Takagi’s New Floor Lamp Gives Light the Big Bounce

The new funky and fantastic floor lamp by Atelier Takagi has me wondering, what happens when one engages in the abstract yet universally comprehended activity known as the “Big Bounce?” If the surrounding context is romance, it means, sadly, that you’ve been given the unqualified heave-ho, but if you’re dealing with lighting, it manifests as skillfully diffused ambient light that will brighten up a room—such is the case with Takagi’s “Big Bounce” floor lamp.

Big Bounce Floor Lamp. Designed by Jonah Takagi. Manufactured by Atelier Takagi.

Atelier Takagi’s Big Bounce Spreads Light in Every Corner.

The above notion also has me thinking about that great icon of playful bouncing, the solid rubber ball. Just as when a precocious six year old takes a handful of said implements and thrusts them floor ward, the Big Bounce floor lamp sends the kinetic energy of illumination throughout a space, in a gradual diffusion that makes for an even, attractive light.

Big Bounce Floor Lamp. Designed by Jonah Takagi. Manufactured by Atelier Takagi.

According to Takagi, the piece owes a bit of a debt to film and photography lighting techniques, in which an especially bright bulb is focused at a reflective surface. The set-up “bounces” light towards the subject, creating a diffuse illumination that approximates natural light. The Big Bounce lamp mimics the method by focusing a 7-watt LED at a powder-coated panel.

Big Bounce Floor Lamp. Designed by Jonah Takagi. Manufactured by Atelier Takagi.

The Big Bounce thus bounces light all around the room, creating a warm and pleasant ambiance while also articulating a unique aesthetic. The look of the piece is utilitarian to be sure, but it also has a kind of whimsical, fun house appeal that reminds of the crazy, assembly-line type contraptions common to Bugs Bunny cartoons.

The Big Bounce is constructed of FSC certified white oak and powder-coated steel. Its dimensions are 12” L x 9”W x 16”H.

About the Manufacturer: Simply put, Atelier Takagi “strives to make beautiful things.” Even though that—so the cliché goes—is all in the eye of the beholder, one can’t deny that the D.C.-based design studio professes a unique aesthetic. Atelier Takagi’s assorted tables, lamps, pendant lights, stools, and shelving each seem pared down, yet peculiarly exuberant; minimalistic yet brimming with potential energy. Concepts like the Big Bounce floor lamp take said potential and transform it into a fully realized and highly functional reality.

Posted October 10, 2011 by Joseph Starr

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