The Au Natural Rubber Flooring by Allstate Rubber

While living in Costa Rica I noticed how prevalent palm tree oil was as a substitute for products that would otherwise be made of varied, high quality materials. Combating the growing trend of make everything cheaper and cheaper, there are also smart people who are looking to do the exact opposite by employing beautiful natural products, like the Au Natural Rubber Flooring by Allstate, to their project.

Au Natural Rubber Flooring. Manufactured by Allstate.

Use Au Natural Rubber Flooring Instead of Oil-Made, Cheap Alternatives For a Floor of True Endurance.

The Au Natural Rubber Flooring by Allstate is the first line of rubber flooring to be made that uses an all-safe version of natural rubber. Sourced from rubber trees instead of the cheaper made rubber floors that are sourced from oil, Au Natural comes to life.

Available in over 80 colors and over 40 textures, Allstate Rubber offers their Au Natural Collection of rubber flooring in plentiful textiles too. Use it in the gymnaisum or as a solid color of smooth tilework to show off its colorful nature in the variety of finishes offered. All of their Au Natural Rubber items are made available in the standard synthetic rubber tile as well as the eco-friendly sustainable natural rubber tile.

Au Natural Rubber Flooring. Manufactured by Allstate.

Use the Au Natural Rubber Flooring to accommodate everything from cafes to hotels and schools. With the Allstate Rubber backing up their latest sustainable product, there’s nothing but true grit used to bring it back to the old school, true rubber as a vital option.

About the Manufacturer: Allstate Rubber was founded in 1958 by the Stoler family and is still run from within the family today. They are a large producer of flooring that generally focuses on natural  rubber and other resilient flooring types. Above all, the family company values a high quality product with a service-based team beneath it to support any issue that may come your way.

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