Swoop Lounge Collection by Herman Miller

Rounded off, thick, and broad are a few words that the Swoop lounge furniture designed by Brian Kane for Herman Miller brings to mind. There is nothing more cumbersome to serenity than waiting for an appointment in what feels like an exterior straightjacket, so it seems this lounge furniture collection set out to have the exact opposite effect.

Swoop. Designed by Brian Kane. Manufactured by Herman Miller.

Slight Angles and a Soft Finish Helped Brian Kane Master his Swoop Lounge Furniture for Herman Miller.

Swoop allows you to do just that, if you please. Or you can sprawl on top of it, lie down completely over a couple of them, stretch out a bit, lift up a knee… the list goes on. As they even state at Herman Miller within its product description, “traditional lounge furniture inhibits movement. Swoop encourages it.” Set up to be flexible for your human motion as well as for your setting, this modular collection comes with matching tables and ottomans in a wide assortment of fabrics and colors.

Swoop. Designed by Brian Kane. Manufactured by Herman Miller.

Place the curvaceous sets into your office plan, a public space or a common area of any educational or healthcare institution. By promoting an open, positive and non-judgmental sense of movement in the contract market, the casual reflection of each person’s true character will shine. Designer Brian Kane came up with the Swoop lounge collection with a goal that would make technology more comfortable to use while seated also – clearly becoming a great solution then for colleges and university seating areas. They do this by allowing freestanding tables to also work as stools or desks, and tables that fit right over a chair armrest.

Swoop. Designed by Brian Kane. Manufactured by Herman Miller.

The soft-surfaced Swoop chairs and accessories by Herman Miller are structured with plywood and metal for a long-lasting finish and come with plenty of options to create the ideal modern lounge configuration for interior spaces of any shape, color and size imaginable.

About the Designer: Brian Kane made the cool rubber chairs that are part of the San Francisco MoMA permanent collection, and many other designs we’ve appreciated for years. He’s known as a public spaces designer also, and yet no matter what he comes up with, Kane strives for what he calls “craft through technology”, meaning her relates all of his designs to the grace and fluidity of natural materials in an experimental fashion.

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