Spinning Delight: Dervish Lamp by Philippe Malouin

Great design often begins with a great story. Such is the case with the Dervish Lamp by Philippe Malouin, who had a revelation while getting his friend’s car cleaned in an automatic carwash: “While inside, I couldn’t help but notice how the carwash brushes completely alter their shape from flimsy drooping hair-covered rods to massive powerful beams. Could this quality of transformation be applied to the home sector? Where would a transforming apparatus find use in the home?”

Dervish Lamp. Designed by Philippe Malouin.

Lamp/Ceiling Fan Takes it Cue from the Automated Carwash

Of course, Malouin made the concept translate by reinventing the ceiling fan, a residential staple whose design had “not changed in the slightest ever since its introduction.” He first had the idea of using the carwash brushes to play with light; the changing brushes could direct light. Then Malouin noticed that the spinning strands created “a rather considerable amount of wind.” Thus was born Dervish, a fan equipped with a light.

Dervish Lamp. Designed by Philippe Malouin.

Watching the Dervish spin is mesmerizing, just like the captivating Turkish Sufis who meditate by whirling around like the planets in our solar system. Although the Dervish Fan is fun to look at, it is Malouin’s idea that is really worthy of attention. He took an everyday trip to the carwash and transformed the experience into true invention by redefining the ceiling fan.

About the Designer: Born in Québec and now living and working in London, designer Philippe Malouin studied in Montréal and Paris before settling on the United Kingdom. His furniture and object design plays with different materials such as metal chain, which he used to sew together a sturdy area rug named Yachiyo, and perforated birch balls, which form the seat of his Skidrow Chair. You can find Malouin pieces at galleries in Milan, Montreal, Paris, and Beirut.

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