LG’s Super Powerful, Ultra Quiet, Large Capacity EcoSteam Washer

Have you ever accidentally passed your hand above a steamer full of broccoli? Or gotten too close to a colander of freshly cooked pasta? If you have, than you (and your newly reddened hand) know the power of steam. LG’s latest EcoSteam Washer knows a thing or two about it as well. The extra large capacity front loading machine harnesses the higher temps of steam for a most comprehensive clean.

EcoSteam Washer. Manufactured by LG.

Witness the Advantages of Steam with LG’s TrueSteam Washers

EcoSteam Washer. Manufactured by LG.

Promising a clean that’s “tough on stains but gentle on fabrics,” the EcoSteam Washer heralds a new age in washing machines. Not only does LG’s patented TrueSteam technology penetrate and eliminate the toughest stains, the washer also offers the Allergiene cycle, “which removes those unwanted household allergens like dust mites and pet dander.

The TrueSteam washer thus eliminates unsightly blanches and blemishes, as well as the less visible but potentially more pernicious microscopic beasties that other machines often leave behind.

EcoSteam Washer. Manufactured by LG.

But that’s just one perk among many. This decidedly contemporary washer (featured in a glossy lipstick red, which fact alone makes it worthy of hyperbolic accolades) raises the business of cleaning clothes to an entirely new level. With features like ColdWash technology, six motion cycle, TrueBalance anti-vibration system, and SpeedWash Cycle, the EcoSteam washer absolutely promises “all the right moves… Say goodbye to dirt, odors, and household allergens and hello to a level of clean you have never experienced before..”

About the Manufacturer: Is it true that LG stands for “Life’s Good?” I’m tempted to answer in the affirmative, since the manufacturer of mobile phones, TV audio/video, computer products, and appliances is right there on that rarefied ground of enhanced technology and the consequent augmentation in bodily ease. The new line of  EcoSteam Clothes Washers makes this happen in several ways: it provides tough cleaning without damaging delicate fabrics, it offers the most effective cold water wash cycle on the market, and it uses a direct drive motor and LG’s patented anti-vibration system to allow you to wash in peace: “designed to minimize noise and vibration for smooth, quiet performance in any room of the house—even on the 2nd floor.”

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