Improve the Classroom Environment with the SmartLink Teacher’s Station

Having once been a student—and sometime later, a teacher—I know what it’s like to be behind both ends of the (woefully inadequate) desk, so to speak. My experience with classroom furniture was not a good one, to be sure, as I typically found it to be a mismatched hodge-podge of clunky, immovable, non-functional cast-offs. So if you happen to be in education, take a cue from manufacturer Hon and standardize your wares—beginning with the superlative Teacher’s Station from the SmartLink line of educational infrastructure.

SmartLink Teacher’s Station. Manufactured by Hon.

Hon’s SmartLink Teacher’s Station is Modular, Movable, and Interchangeable

Since we’re traveling in educational terrain at the moment, allow me to refer to Elizabeth Barret Browning’s timeless sonnet and count the ways in which the SmartLink Teacher’s Station will enhance the classroom experience: 1. it’s roomy; 2. It’s also incredibly compact: 3. it’s wired; 4. it coordinates with other SmartLink elements.

SmartLink Teacher's Station. Manufactured by Hon.

I could go on, but as all former English students know, brevity is the soul of wit, and the witticisms herein shall thus be confined to some brief elaboration: The SmartLink Teacher’s Station boasts more usable desktop space than traditional teacher’s desks, but it’s also impressively compact. Hon achieves this nifty synthesis via the network of under-desk interchangeable storage bins that can be removed and used in Hon’s complimentary line of modular storage units.

Further, all Teacher’s Stations allow easy integration of computer infrastructure. This timely feature not only keeps cables organized and out of the way, it also allows easy access to flash drives, digital cameras, and other external storage devices: “just plug into the optional USB hub built right into the desktop.”

SmartLink Teacher's Station. Manufactured by Hon.

Lastly, Hon’s Teacher’s Stations are extremely mobile—just the thing to accommodate the ever-evolving contemporary educational environment. Heavy-duty locking casters make it simple to roll the desks to and fro, and solid rubber corner bumpers make it immune to damage during said transit.

Finish options for the Hon Teacher’s Stations are many and varied. Choices include laminated tops in natural maple, sheer mesh, or silver mesh; powder-coated MDF in muslin or light grey; and metal laminate in charcoal, muslin, or platinum metallic.

About the Manufacturer: Hon manufactures chairs, desks, storage systems, workstations, and tables, primarily to outfit offices and schools. Included among the company’s line of innovative workplace solutions are the Vicinity work storage system and the Preside Series of conference tables. Hon’s latest educational product is the SmartLink line of student desks and teacher’s stations.

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