Hexagonal Tea Panels by J.M. Ferrero for Sancal

When you get right down to it, just how many options do you have to cover your walls? Five? Six? Unless you’re willing to invest in a wholesale reinvention a la Alpina Stone Panels, the options are somewhat limited, so it’s refreshing to see an antidote to hanging fabrics and pictures in the form of J.M Ferrero’s Hexagonal Tea Panels for Sancal. These nifty modular adornments give a whole new look to those vast expanses of white.

Hexagonal Tea Wall Panels. Designed by J.M. Ferrero. Manufactured by Sancal.

Tea Panels Build on a Signature Look

As you may remember, last year 3rings covered the very same designer’s Tea Collection—an assortment of comfy, cozy, snack-time chairs upholstered in subtly retro kvadrat fabrics. Ferrero’s Tea Panels nudge the look to the next level—if you’ll pardon the pun.

Hexagonal Tea Wall Panels. Designed by J.M. Ferrero. Manufactured by Sancal.

The panels are outfitted in the very same Kvadrat fabrics—colors run across the spectrum, from bold shades of fuchsia and maroon to vibrant yellows and oranges to subdued charcoals and snowy whites.

This last color palette is especially evocative of the Tea Panel’s namesake, as the sedate grays particularly evoke the usual pallor of a London sky. Though, as Ferrero reminds us, one objective of the ritual of Tea is to liven things up.

The Hexagonal Tea Panels certainly accomplish the very same. The rich contrast in color, the plush upholstery, the tactile variation within and across each panel are a veritable feast for the senses—just like an English cucumber sandwich, a steaming pot of Darjeeling, and a luscious dollop of clotted cream.

J.M. Ferrero’s Tea Panels come in modular units of three and seven quilted and upholstered hexagons. Like the designer’s earlier Tea Collection, the new Tea Panels “incorporate the distinct hexagonal quilt and the possibility of creating both bi-coloured and bi-textured pieces.”

About the Manufacturer: If a fulfilling life can be defined as doing what you love and loving what you’re good it (and getting compensated for it to boot), than manufacturer Sancal certainly employs a great many happy souls. Part and parcel of the company’s philosophy is to create objects of lasting value, objects that occupy an authentic space in peoples lives, that satisfy and endure across the generations. JM Ferrero’s Tea Collection is certainly rife with such objects. These charming, multi-faceted upholstered pieces display real staying power by looking to the future while acknowledging the past—a testament to the manufacturer’s assertion that “we like what we do at Sancal, thus, we take pleasure in our work and, in the end, this is what’s important—to enjoy life.”

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