HEAT by Joel Berman Glass Studios

I’ve always been a fan of Joel Berman Glass Studios, starting way back during my days as an interior designer in NYC.  The designs are timeless and exquisite, the quality impeccable.  Most of all, I love the range of applications for their products – interior, exterior, public art, lighting.  Recently, I came across a favorite of mine, Heat, a Best of NeoCon 2010 Gold winner and a true sculpture of light. Heat is another reminder of Joel Berman Glass Studios’ creative ability to explore materials beyond glass while capturing quality in another art form.

HEAT. Manufactured by Joel Berman Glass Studios.

The Cool Glowing Effects of HEAT

Heat is a light sculpture made from a solitary 2¼ inch-thick monolithic volume of acrylic resin cast in Berman’s signature Arrigado texture and accented with brushed stainless steel hardware.  Its modern profile glows from within the rippling water texture that seems to be moving and frozen all at the same time.

HEAT. Manufactured by Joel Berman Glass Studios.

It is equipped with a high intensity LED light source that creates a cool inner radiance. Designed by Saleem Khattak for Joel Berman Glass Studios, Heat is a functional sculpture that is solid and fluid simultaneously, and celebrates the use of the resin material.  Heat is offered as a hanging light fixture complete with polished acrylic panel, LED light source, stainless steel case, and associated hardware.  Heat complements a variety of applications whether it is a feature in the corporate boardroom or a sexy detail of a hotel lounge, and is available in custom sizes to suit almost any interior space.

So, Heat continues to stay hot and keeps me a true fan of Joel Berman Glass Studios.

About the Manufacturer: Joel Berman Glass Studios is a world-renowned designer and manufacturer of glass art for the architecture and design community, and offers leading edge solutions and collaboration possibilities to take any glass art project from concept to installation. From its design Studios and manufacturing facilities located in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Joel Berman Glass Studios offers kiln-cast and pressure-formed glass, and related complementary products, crafted to the highest standards and featuring designer textures, colors, hardware and design services.

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