Float: The New Height-Adjustable Desk by Humanscale

What’s $1,999.00 worth to you? A shiny new laptop? A down payment on a Toyota Prius? A first-class round-trip ticket to NYC? How about an unqualified solution to the perpetual problem of sitting all day on your a__? That’s exactly what Humanscale offers for that low, low price, as the Float Height-Adjustable Desk gets your bones where they should be—that is to say, up and out of that chair.

Float Height-Adjustable Desk. Manufactured by Humanscale.

The Float Desk Helps to Create a Healthier Workplace

Float Height-Adjustable Desk. Manufactured by Humanscale.

On the heels of the functional movement exercise craze comes the functional workspace craze, so complement your supply of kettlebells, bumper plates, et. al. with a desk that promotes movement. Research shows that those who routinely sit for long stretches of time eventually suffer dramatic health effects, regardless of how active they may be outside the office.

Float Height-Adjustable Desk. Manufactured by Humanscale.

Float addresses this issue not by forcing you into a standing position (which also has its health drawbacks), but by encouraging you to alternate between sitting and standing, thus avoiding the stationary curse that shortens connective tissues and robs your musculoskeletal system of needed moisture.

Float Height-Adjustable Desk. Manufactured by Humanscale.

The piece’s name derives from the desk’s counterbalance system of adjustment that enables easy alternation between sitting and standing heights. The mechanism also boasts a built-in safety feature that allows adjustment only when the desk’s contents are properly balanced, thus avoiding a common shortcoming of other height-adjustable desks.

Several other features put Float above the fray as well: a 20-inch range of height adjustability (largest in the industry), accommodation of a wide-range of tabletop widths (between 42 and 72 inches), adaptability with tabletops of other manufacturers, and the conspicuous absence of the annoying cross-brace frequently found under other desks—thus freeing-up leg space which, again, promotes that ever-desirable movement.

Float comes with 5-year, 24/7 warranty. Choose from multiple finish options in white, silver, or black, as you relish Float’s sustainable pedigree: “Built for a long, serviceable life and limited carbon footprint, Float is made predominantly of recyclable steel and aluminum and is designed with minimal parts and manufacturing processes.”

About the Manufacturer: How does the world love Humanscale? Let me count the ways—93 design awards at the most recent reckoning, including such enduring accolades as featured displays at MOMA and the Cooper-Hewitt. The company’s credo is “achieving more with less.” One need only take a quick gander at standouts like the FM 500 Rocking Foot Rest, the Freedom Task Chair, and the Horizon Task Light to confirm that this is indeed the case—that Humanscale remains true to their objective of devising “innovative solutions for functional simplicity and ultimate ease of use.”

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