DIRTT’s Transformer Wall for Space-Saving Sustainable Design

LEED is getting a bad rap. Mount a bike rack 50 feet off the ground and BINGO! You’ve just gotten LEED credits for the inclusion of a product that promotes a greener form of transportation. So what if no one can use it? This is just one small example of how the LEED rating may not be the most accurate indication of how “green” a building really is.

Think Small: Reducing the Size of the Footprint

At IIDEX, I had the opportunity to chat with Founder and CEO of DIRTT (Doing it Right This Time), Mogens Smed, and discuss these very issues with LEED – and how to address sustainability in a more responsible way.

DIRTT is trying to reinforce one of the most basic concepts in sustainability in developing smaller, more efficient spaces. Given the obvious need for an alternative to the McMansion (and sprawling apartment too), DIRTT is launching into the residential sector. This “wall system” is complete with a modern kitchen system, sleeping space (remember Murphy beds?) fit for four, an “office” area and more. Breathe Living Wall has its place here as well.

If you missed it at IIDEX, it’s moving on over to Greenbuild next week (because it assembles and disassembles like a charm).

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