Wrappie Lamp by Tomasz Pydo

Just a few years after its inaugural event, the Łódź Design Festival has become Poland’s largest design festival. In 2007, Łódź Design Festival began as a local, minor exhibition. As of 2011, the showcase is “the ground for thought and experience exchange for artistic circles who identify with design in general, and for business.” Including industrial and graphic design, arts and crafts, architecture, and fashion, Łódź Design Festival has even started a special young designers exhibition entitled Make Me! in which 20 projects are chosen for inclusion by a jury. This year, one of those products is the Wrappie Lamp by Tomasz Pydo.

Wrappie Lamp. Designed by Tomasz Pydo.

Cylindrical Pendant Lamp with Colorful Cord

Wrappie is a pendant lamp that hangs from a colored cord that itself wraps around the cylindrical light. By incorporating the cord into the structure of the light itself, designer Tomasz Pydo is stressing the beauty of functionality. In this regard, Wrappie is similar to the Coil Lamp, which uses an orange cord to form the base and shade of the table lamp. Wrappie hangs at a jaunty angle due to the way the cord wraps itself around the lamp—and this line is echoed in the angled cut of the shade. The fact that Wrappie hangs askew gives the piece a whimsical quality and a sense of movement.

Wrappie Lamp. Designed by Tomasz Pydo.

Of the 20 Make Me! projects, one will take home an award of 5,000 Euros funded by the Main Patron of the Festival, Ceramika Paradyż. The winner will be announced at a special gala opening of the Festival on October 20, 2011. If you like Wrappie, stay tuned for the results—to find out if the jury got all wrapped up in Tomasz Pydo’s design.

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About the Designer: Tomasz Pydo is a young Polish designer whose work has been chosen for inclusion in the Make Me! juried competition that is part of Poland’s Łódź Design Festival.

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