The Ellipse Modular Workstations by Steelcase

The need for both technology and functionality are increasingly important,” Steelcase reflected when describing the modern-day needs of our office workstations. Since clairvoyance comes with 100 years in the industry, they went beyond vocalizing the need… and they came up with Ellipse.

Ellipse. Manufactured by Steelcase.

Steelcase’s Ellipse Responds to the Needs of a Tech-Savvy Generation Using Modular, Cord-Friendly Workstations.

Setting the tone as a flexible workstation by one of the most cutting edge manufacturers in the market, the clean lines of the Ellipse uses stand-alone or linked desks in a myriad of configurations. The technology for every unit comes routed through the back and interior as to not reveal hideous tangled cords.  Because the side-by-side connections with ninety-degree connections and junction tops  makes it easy to work alongside others in many formations, the Ellipse is ideal for classrooms or large conference rooms besides normal office settings.

Ellipse. Manufactured by Steelcase.

Just as Steelcase’s reputation eludes, a great “working” design doesn’t stop with the ability to move individual desks into lines or U-shaped situations. Instead, they take it to the worksurface heights, which can be crank-adjusted to support individual needs, and to the overhead storage units that finish the by connecting directly to desks below and offer a synonymous look in sixteen different natural wood veneer choices made from 29-59% recycled content (up to 10% post-consumer content) and are 99% recyclable.

Ellipse. Manufactured by Steelcase.

Silently shifted around the perimeter or in a round configuration centrally located, the modular quality of the modern Ellipse workstations by Steelcase provide the architecture within any size office, classroom or conference room.

About the Manufacturer: Steelcase provides high quality, sustainable solutions for the work environment. With brands such as Details, Coalesse, and Turnstone, Steelcase has an extensive portfolio of products for many different needs. Founded in 1912 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, they have been at the forefront of product innovation for almost 100 years.

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