Nurse Task Station by Wellness Environments

If you happen to be in the business of healthcare you’re certainly familiar with Wellness Environments, creators of the Evidenced-Based-Design concept known as the “Patient Room of the Future.” That whole-scale innovation would have to be the subject of another post (or several), as the crux of this post—the Nurse Task Station—is but one component among many of this innovative concept in patient care.

Nurse Task Station. Designed and Manufactured by Wellness Environments.

Wellness Environments’ Nurse Task Station Increases Staff Efficiency and Enhances Infection Control

The concept is inspired for its simplicity. Instead of requiring nurses to perpetually enter and exit patients’ rooms (to consult charts, procure equipment, confer with doctors or other nurses), the Nurse’s Task Station keeps all the tools of the trade in one secure, convenient location.

Designed so that the caregiver can focus maximum attention on the patient, the Nurse Task Station is a “fully customizable all-in-one station giving caregivers access to wash their hands, store routine equipment, and leave messages on a white board, as well as providing ample space for additional items needed by the caregiver.”

Nurse Task Station. Designed and Manufactured by Wellness Environments.

Like the over-arching Patient Room, the Nurse Task Station features a one-piece shell construction that houses all the elements necessary to help nurses care for their patients: countertop, sink, electric sensor faucet (to minimize contact and thus reduce the spread of infection), whiteboard, memo holder, glove dispensers, and ample drawers and storage space.

The module is extra durable and easy to clean: the non-porous surface and radius inside corners assure a high degree of hygiene, and the lower casework houses space for waste while facilitating easy access to plumbing.

Nurse Task Station. Designed and Manufactured by Wellness Environments.

Wellness Environments Nurse Task Station is ANSI Z124.3 compliant. It has a backside fire rating of “A.” Finish options include Grey Speckle, Fusion Maple, Millwork Cherry, Amber Cherry, and Beige Speckle.

About the Manufacturer: Wellness Environments conceives of, designs, and builds patient rooms for healthcare settings. That may seem like a niche undertaking, but the company makes quite a persuasive case for entrusting this space to a single vendor. Wellness Environments’ approach results in faster construction at less cost, not to mention the realization of vastly superior patient rooms: “our wellness rooms are non-institutional, aesthetically soothing spaces that focus on mitigating patient anxiety and maximizing patient comfort… every patient room we design incorporates gentle curves and flowing lines, providing a more soothing environment.”

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