Eleven by OFS This Fall

At NeoCon this year, I walked by one of my favorite numbers, the number Eleven.  I love the number Eleven.  It’s balanced, it’s current and it always looks good with other numbers.  It’s just that kind of number.  So when I first viewed the collection Eleven by OFS, I had the exact same sentiment.

Eleven. Manufactured by OFS.

Eleven Is The Epitome of the Number 11

Eleven is a modern table, desk and casegoods collection developed around one key idea – the role of simplicity in creating cohesive environments.  The 1+1 in Eleven means one profile and one leg establish the frame or one could also say, one profile and one leg equals one very simplistic, balanced collection.

OFS. Manufactured by OFS.

Eleven, designed by Swiss architect Daniel Korb for OFS, gave me an immediate sense of the clean, modern finish and lines one would see in a contemporary museum.  However, the original inspiration for the Eleven casegoods products stemmed from North American architecture, specifically, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Johnson Wax Building.  Eleven echoes similar characteristics such as smooth lines, soft curves and a timeless appeal.  Its inspiration comes from architecture, its details mimic art – a furniture collection that complements its environment but has the elements to stand-alone. Like the number says, it’s the perfect balance of both.

OFS. Manufactured by OFS.

Eleven recently featured at Häusler Contemporary Art Gallery, Zurich.

OFS will launch Eleven for private office and conference in North America this coming fall.  I’m looking forward to running into my favorite number a lot more often.  Until then, I’ll keep searching for the next great number.

About the Manufacturer: Based in Huntingburg, IN, OFS is a leading manufacturer of casegoods, seating and furnishings for a wide range of architectural environments. OFS provides creative and competitive solutions to customers’ worldwide interior architecture needs and aspirations.

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