Circle-Square Storage Cubes by BelalDesign

To a perfectionist who prefers to color between the lines, the lines of the Circle-Square Storage Cubes by BelalDesign are as clean and bold as they come. But to any fan of asymmetry who seeks to move and shake the design "norm", the modular possibilites are endless and each cube is easily shifted for skillful manipulation.

Circle-Square Storage Cubes. Manufactured by BelalDesign.

A Design that is Bright and Outlined, the Modualr Circle-Square Storage Cubes by BelalDesign Play with Shapes and Color.

Satisfying color combinations of light blue/black, light green/black, and tan/black set the Circle-Square Storage Cubes apart from starchy cloth storage cubbies that are all the rave in the superstore home design areas. Each piece is handmade using MDF and assembled with a strong adhesive. The circular design for opening and closing partners with a metal grommet to keep the motion fluid.

Circle-Square Storage Cubes. Manufactured by BelalDesign.

BelalDesign is founded by Belal Homaidan, a prolific artist of all things graphic and product-related. His openness to the possibility of good design has taken him from designing website interfaces to custom closets, and he's even developed his own product, the "48-hour Rush Job" which uses a magnet and custom inscriptions to help guide tough decision-making (or to just have fun with pretending, depending upon your thoughts of fate vs. luck). Homaidan's flexibility makes the Circle-Square Storage Cubes made-to-order with custom manufacturing and design always available.

Circle-Square Storage Cubes. Manufactured by BelalDesign.

Beauty in a single storage cube or a variety with an infinite number of stacking possibilities, the Circle-Square Storage Cube by BelalDesign is a great way to colorfully outline the organized interior environment.

About the Manufacturer: Belal Design is a Massachusetts-based, problem-solution business focused on user needs with a personal and healthy approach. The founder, Belal Homaidan, is known for his fun design style and attention to user health and well-being. His solutions are focused on daily activities, eliminating environmental stress, and limiting long-term financial heartache.

Posted August 19, 2011 by Sonja Hall

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