Beveled Color Tiles by Hastings Tile & Bath

Notwithstanding recent innovations in materials, as seen, for instance, in Monday’s PaperForms series of Paper Tiles, ceramic tiles still exert an intractable draw. Still the number one choice of many interior designers and their clients, ceramic is to walls what granite is to countertops, as it promises a classical look that speaks of luxury and fine taste. Hastings Tile and Bath seems to have made a special project of keeping ceramic tile fresh and up to date: their Beveled Wall Tile in Colors Series foretells new uses and an intriguing new aesthetic.

Beveled Wall Tile in Colors Series. Manufactured by Hastings Tile & Bath.

Hastings’ Beveled Wall Tiles Adds a New Dimension to Surfaces

As the name suggests, the collection of colored tiles features the prominent allure of beveling—a feature that propels these tiles beyond the typical texture and into the digital delights of an enhanced edge.

Beveled Wall Tile in Colors Series. Manufactured by Hastings Tile & Bath.

That last usage refers not to an electroluminescent display, but rather to the satisfying sensation of running your fingers across Hasting’s expansive collection of multifarious tile. The line offers a profile for any inclination. From the faux brick and deeply faceted etchings of the new colored tiles, to the Art Deco linearity of Haring Beveled Decos, to the sublime sensorial illusions of Optical Beveled Decos, Hastings has the tile to fulfill your aesthetic flights of fancy.

Beveled Wall Tile in Colors Series. Manufactured by Hastings Tile & Bath.

About the Manufacturer: In the business since 1885, Hastings Tile and Bath spent its fledgling days creating asphalt and concrete paving materials in the up-and-coming burb of Hastings-on-the Hudson. Back in the day, the company completed many public works projects still visible in this year of 2011, including the signature hexagon asphalt pavers peppering the perimeter of Central Park. Today, Hastings uses its considerable experience and good business sense to remain at the forefront of contemporary K and B: “aligning itself with leading design-driven European manufacturers, Hastings provides a broad range of tile and bath products that reflect emerging trends in contemporary design as well as timeless style.”

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