Upcycled Industrial Furniture By Shiner

Remember water beds? A large number of my elementary school friend’s parents had water beds, leading me to the conclusion that the bed should be a stationary object. If I move in my sleep, I do not want that motion to be echoed by splashing and rocking. Contrary to this ideal, there was a story on NPR’s health segment recently talking about the higher quality of sleep one can achieve with a bed that rocks (a hammock was the example).

Mood Rocking Bed. Manufactured by Shiner.

Mood Rocking Bed. Designed and Manufactured by Shiner. Image via Inhabitat
The idea of creating a bed that rocks is a challenging sell for me, for the many hazardous circumstances where rocking becomes a liability. The upside of a rocker bed is relaxing motion that brings us back to our love for hammocks and rocking chairs. Shiner, an eco-conscious furniture company, is offering up the Mood Rocking Bed, a sexy industrial bed formed to rock and roll. For moments when outside motion is unwanted, the Mood Rocking Bed stands at any angle using rubber floor stoppers.
Mood Rocking Bed. Designed and Manufactured by Shiner. Image via Shiner
Shiner prides itself is the production of tough and dark furniture pieces made from reclaimed material taken from industrial manufacturing sites. Each piece is created using an automatic CNC processing technique that “allows for material optimization and creating as little waste as possible.” The resulting furniture has an industrial appeal that is still very refined and quite sexy. Most of their furniture is rugged enough to be used both indoors and out, and everything is made in the good old USA, supporting local labor and lower fuel consumption.
Mood Rocking Bed. Designed and Manufactured by Shiner. Image via Shiner

About the Company: Shiner is a furniture manufacturer based in Atlanta, Georgia. Founder Joe Manus got a black eye at the age of 7 and has been referencing the experience ever since. Tough, dark and damaged embody the themes of his designs, which take scrap metal materials on their way to the landfill and turn them into furniture. All the steel involved in Shiner‘s designs are recycled from industrial discard, and the wood comes in the form of a waste byproduct produced via board manufacturing.

via Inhabitat

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