Top Ten: Super Cute Toilets

Sometimes we choose a toilet for its technical qualities, like dual-flush systems or maximized water conservation. Other times, we hope the toilet’s manufacturer would want to include them, but ultimately, we want our bathroom to make sense. Whether you’re looking for a small toilet for your minimal bathroom footprint or simply the cutest porcelain piece possible, this week’s Top Ten list of Super Cute Toilets is going to rub you the right way.

Top Ten: Super Cute Toilets.

Wall-hung or Freestanding, Toilets of All Shapes and Sizes Give Our List of Well-Designed Toilet Bowls a Royal Flush.

1. Mimo
PRICE: Available upon request
Dimensions: 19.68″ x 13.78″ x 16.93″

Curvaceous with color options of pink, white, or black, the 2009 Red Dot award-winning Mimo toilet by Laufen is a refreshing sight for wall-hung toilet shoppers. Mix it in with a matching washbasin, WC, and/or bidet by Laufen to complete the Mimo look throughout.

Top Ten: Super Cute Toilets

2. L’Expression II
PRICE: $795
Dimensions: 12-7/8″ x 29-3/4″ x 31-1/4″

Contemporary styling sets the L’Expression II apart from the other Porcher toilets. With its top-tapering designer shape with chrome trim and siphonic flush action, the L’Expression is a slender porcelain suite.

Top Ten: Super Cute Toilets

3. Starck 3
DESIGNER: Designer Name
PRICE: $Price
Dimensions: 14-5/8″W x 24-3/8″D

Gorgeous just like the other Starck toilet designs, the Starck 3 takes in the SensoWash technology to make sure the white stays super white. With the wall-mounted version topping the charts, we have included this version in our Top Ten this week.

Top Ten: Super Cute Toilets

4. Town Square
MANUFACTURER: American Standard
PRICE: $485- 736
Dimensions: 27″L x 20″W x 33 1/2″H

With a molded base that sets its look apart from other sweet toilet shapes, the Town Square by American Standard comes complete (including the seat that can be matched to fit in wood).

Top Ten: Super Cute Toilets

5. Shiloh
MANUFACTURER: Crane Plumbing
PRICE: $389
Dimensions: 30-1/4″ x 25-5/8″ x 16-3/8″

Leaning a bit classic, the elongated shape of the Shiloh toilet by Crane Plumbing is made from one piece of vitreous china. This spatially-conscious toilet comes with an EasyClose™ toilet seat, tank trim, and a polished chrome-plated trip lever.

Top Ten: Super Cute Toilets

6. “C”
PRICE: $945
Dimensions: 20-5/8″ x 16-1/8″ x 14″

Well-designed to compliment small spaces with their no-frills attitude toward plumbing, the “C” toilets, in wall-mounted or floor versions, provide a sleek uncluttered look for any size of bathroom area.

Top Ten: Super Cute Toilets

7. MiniLOO
PRICE: $1210- 1794
Dimensions: 14.13″ x 20.28″ x 13.77″

Available in Stainless Steel or a White Powdercoat finish, the MiniLOO is a compact conical, two-button flush toilet off of the floor that uses an in-wall tank system to efficiently save room in small spaces.

Top Ten: Super Cute Toilets

8. Aquia
PRICE: $350
Dimensions: 23-3/4″L x 15-3/4″W x 17.5″H

The Aquia wall-hanging, dual-flush toilet system is a modern unit with low consumption that works with an in-wall tank system. Ideal for small spaces and acting as the centerfold of the Toto line-up these days, this beautiful wall-hung unit sports an elongated front bowl.

Top Ten: Super Cute Toilets

9. Zain
MANUFACTURER: Whittington Collection
PRICE: $370+
Dimensions: 13-5/8″L x 27-1/2″W x 31″H

The Zain is a dual-flush, siphonic one-piece toilet that is made with vitreous china. Kept clean and simple in a solid white finish, the Zain toilet’s matching, self-closing seat tops off the solid, squared edges in style.

Top Ten: Super Cute Toilets

10. Vero
PRICE: $805
Dimensions: 13.97″ x 14.57″ x 21.46″

In a few different wall-mounted or standing versions, the very rectangular Vero toilet comes in a White Alpin or Black finish. Made as an elongated one-piece toilet, its angles create a modern touch for bathrooms with or without the matching bidet.

Top Ten: Super Cute Toilets

Hope you enjoyed our roundup of the Top Ten Super Cute Toilets!

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