Top Ten: Perfect Nap Recliners

After a long weekend or right in the middle of a relaxing one, we dream of a nap. Especially a nap on our version of the perfect recliner, which might be leather or fabric, positioned inside or out, and feeling plush and overstuffed or contoured and ergonomic. To help us figure out the ideal spot for a mid-day lounge with our feet up, we’ve come up with the following Top Ten Perfect Nap Recliners to suit your personal power sleep style.

Top Ten: Perfect Nap Recliners.

From Short and Well-Cushioned to Long, Lean  and Leathery, Take a Shot at Your Favorite of our Top Ten Perfect Nap Recliners.

1. Cardinal Swivel
MANUFACTURER: Betty M Collection
PRICE: Available upon request
Dimensions: 28″W x 40″H x 35″- 61″D

Soft leather upholstery with focused stitching, the Cardinal Swivel Recliner by the Betty M Collection features a push-arm recliner, upholstered swivel base, and comes in a variety of leather options.

Top Ten: Perfect Nap Recliners

2. Cloud
DESIGNER: Lisa Widén
MANUFACTURER: Design House Stockholm
PRICE: $950
Dimensions: 29″H x 22.5″W x 39.25″D

A cushioned white cloud of a chair in a permanently reclined state, the Cloud by Lisa Widén for Design House Stockholm comes with a lacquered steel base and a soft but strong cushion cover made using 37% polyester, 27% cotton, and 36% acrylic that is made for both kids and adults.

Top Ten: Perfect Nap Recliners

3. Ella
PRICE: $2,368- 2,718
Dimensions: 40″H x 32″W x 31-67″D

Luxury reclining never looked as stylish as the Ella Chair – with wood base and top grain leather upholstery – by Lafer. For added comfort, they added padding in the armrests and seating area for an even more cushioned look, without sacrificing its sleek form.

Top Ten: Perfect Nap Recliners

4. Dickies
DESIGNER: Anthony Kleinepier
PRICE: $1,603
Dimensions: 43.3″W x 47.2″H x 41.3″D

Even cooler than the work chinos, the Dickies bean bag-turned-recliner chair was designed by Anthony Kleinepier for moooi. Treat it as a funky addition to a more traditional interior or use multiple to create the most comfortable napping den on the planet.

Top Ten: Perfect Nap Recliners

5. Wing
DESIGNER: Jennifer Delonge
PRICE: $1,399- 1,700
Dimensions: 44″H x 30″W x 34″D

Appearing a touch stiffer – with angles instead of bulbous curves – the Wing recliner armchair by Jennifer DeLonge is makes for the perfect nursery napping recliner. Baby and parent can enjoy the optional contrasting welt in a  microsuede, modern texture, print, velvet, two types of linen, or your own customized material. It can recline, glide, and swivel 360 degrees.

Top Ten: Perfect Nap Recliners

6. 1860
PRICE: Available upon request
Dimensions: 44″H x 33″W x 38″D

Drop dead gorgeous in its antique finish, the 1860 Recliner Armchair by Motion Craft combines the beauty of detailed wooden legs with brass studding down the front for an inviting effect.

Top Ten: Perfect Nap Recliners

7. Lobster
DESIGNER: Lund & Paarmann
PRICE: Available upon request
Dimensions: 37.4″H x 32.3″D x 24.4″W

Designed by Oluf Lund and Eva Paarmann for Verikon/Strictly Design, the Lobster recliner comes with a very unique reclining feel. It’s rounded, modern look with wooden/leather construction on a curved steel and wood base separate it from more mechanical versions for a simple, contemporary effect.

Top Ten: Perfect Nap Recliners

8. MVS Chaise
DESIGNER: Maartin Van Severen
PRICE: $2,835- 3,135
Dimensions: 34.25″H x 18″W x 60.75″L

With a soft, elastic upholstery that fits the contours of the human body like a mold, the MVS Chaise by Maartin Van Severen for Vitra is a classic piece that makes sitting turn into lying down without sacrificing a minimalist appearance for mechanics. Opt for a leather cushion and chrome base or a polyurethane cushion with stainless steel base to meet your indoor or outdoor mid-day napping desires.

Top Ten: Perfect Nap Recliners

9. Home Theater Leather
PRICE: $1,499
Dimensions: 34.5″W x 37.5″D x 42.5″H

Extra-deep cushioning with a plush, high back, the Home Theater Leather Armchair by Pottery Barn makes us want to watch a movie and fall asleep in it every night. It is the physical representation of napping in the “lap of luxury”, given the solid construction embracing your every move.

Top Ten: Perfect Nap Recliners

10. 301 Cadenza
PRICE: $1,692
Dimensions: unavailable

Soft in appearance and feel, the overstuffed look and feel of the 301 Cadenza by Dutailier is a gorgeous, quintessential recliner armchair. It comes in a hardwood construction with six options of hand-wiped leather stains and can glide, recline, or find itself resting in multiple positions that suit your perfect nap.

Top Ten: Perfect Nap Recliners

Hope you enjoyed our roundup of the Top Ten Perfect Nap Recliners!

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