The Meyer Collection by Pluri Ideas

New York is pretty tropical this week, with temperatures in the high 90’s and a humidity percentage just close behind that number. It makes me think of tropical vacations with tropical drinks and tropical furniture. Brazilian design studio Pluri Ideas, brings us a lighter, summertime take on their Meyer collection, this time made from sustainable fibers.

The Meyer Collection. Designed by Pluri Ideas.

The Meyer Collection by Pluri Ideas. Images via Bodew
The original Meyer Collection is a seat with a low back, almost a bench, made from Corian. The seat’s design is inspired by the architectural lines of Oscar Niemeyer, with added inspiration by the plasticity of Corian. Natural fibers transform this space age design into a beachy, relaxed version that seems more traditionally Brazilian.
The Meyer Collection by Pluri Ideas. Images via Bodew
Rattan and water hyacinth are natural fibers that grow rapidly in rainforest and jungle conditions, which designers with roots in those regions tend to favor. The Moebius Chair by Onxy and the Doeloe Lounge Chair show off the very different densities these materials are capable of. The natural fiber Meyer Chair is light and airy but also structural, which takes on an almost metal like infrastructure as opposed to woven grass. Pluri Ideas take on “wicker furniture” is a very modern and architectural one, which is most suited for a hot summer’s day where breeze on every appendage is needed.
The Meyer Collection by Pluri Ideas. Images via Bodew
About the Designers: Pluri Ideas is a design studio based out of Brazil. Their designs include furniture and industrial design products which look at problem solving through design and creative thinking. They describe themselves through a series of juxtapositions, which seemingly translates into their designs.

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