The Axel Three-Seater by Anthropologie

The Axel Three-Seater by Anthropologie is the type of chair you would expect to see in a public space. If you break the chair down to its conceptual form, it is a seating arrangement that allows for strangers or familiars to sit together without infringing on each other’s space. It is unusual to see a park bench full of strangers because people need clear boundaries of personal space. The Axel Three-Seater takes this concept indoors which sparks an interesting conversation.

Axel Three-Seater. Designed and manufactured by Anthropologie.

The Axel Three Seater by Anthropologie

Where would one want to put a divided couch? Anthropologie describes the chair as providing “the togetherness of a sofa and the solitude of a chair.” Today’s independent urban family would probably benefit from a few of these in the living room, for the teenager who’s mom loves to sit right next to them on the sofa, or the wife who wants to read her book without her husband’s feet on her lap. The choice of 3 seats seems a bit strange, which also begs the question of how to place this piece in a space. It is essentially a round piece of furniture, meaning it has to float in the middle of the room or risk awkwardly blocking one of the seats. That said, I like the Axel Three-Seater, mostly for its material appeal and quirky values.

The Axel Three Seater by Anthropologie

Here’s the sustainable information as I am responsible for bring you sustainable architectural and design products. The Axel Three-Seater is covered in recycled jute sacks that “that traveled through Europe before our buyer brought them back.” (Anthropologie) Hand-tied seat construction, cotton/linen upholstery and a kiln dried hardwood frame make up the nuts and bolts of this chair/couch. It is also sustainably handcrafted in the USA.

About the Company: Anthropologie was started in 1992 in Wayne, Pennsylvania. Anthropologie currently operates over 135 retail stores in the United States, while orders from its website and catalog ship to over 30 countries worldwide. Known for their complete shopping experience via the store design and products, Anthropologie draws shoppers looking for a “soulful and sincere” experience. Headquartered in Philadelphia, the company is owned by Urban Outfitters, Inc. (UOI), which also owns retail brands Urban Outfitters, Free People, Terrain, and Leifsdottir.

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