Cumulo by Caleb + Carmen

Cumulo is a great little piece of bad weather. The pendant light designed by Caleb Siemon + Carmen Salazar uses the inherent properties of blown glass to interpret those familiar thick clouds that often usher in fantastic storms. Adding “dollops of glass over a central core” creates the bulbous shape, but it’s the translucent nature of glass that makes the lamp echo cloud formations, which sometimes let light pass through and sometimes don’t .

Alabaster Cumulo. Designed by Caleb Siemon and Carmen Salazar.

Cloudlike Blown Glass Pendant

Alabaster Cumulo. Designed by Caleb Siemon and Carmen Salazar.

Cumulo is a low-voltage halogen pendant. The handblown suspension lamp—in alabaster, oxblood, or black—plays with light: it is no task light but rather a small constellation of beauty. While the alabaster most closely resembles a cloud, the black Cumulo also brings weather to mind in the form of cumulonimbus clouds. Oxblood is the real unexpected member of the trio; its dark red color turns Cumulo seductive.

Alabaster Cumulo. Designed by Caleb Siemon and Carmen Salazar.

Made in California with strict guidelines, Cumulo uses only lead-free crystal that emerges from a highly efficient furnace. Although the signed light is not meant to be disposable, if it ends up in a landfill, Cumulo will eventually turn back to sand.

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About the Designers: Caleb Siemon is a glassblower who apprenticed with renowned master glass sculptor Pino Signoretto in Murano, Italy before starting United Glassblowing, his own Italian-style studio in Costa Mesa, California. When UGB got too big for its original space, the studio moved to Santa Ana; by that time, Siemon had become known for his signature aesthetic—“thick glass and swathes of color.” Architect Carmen Salazar, Siemon’s wife, later joined UGB and together they formed Caleb + Carmen, which translates Siemon’s vessel designs into unique lighting.

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